Baby Names for Girls

Image Many baby names that parents choose for their baby girl seem to be subject to the whims of celebrities and popularity (those famous top ten lists).

For the most part the top ten names used for naming girls have not been changed all that much for last few years. Although some of them may have changed their placement in the list they still remain on the list.

The top ten most popular baby girls names at the time of writing this article are as follows:

1. Emma
2. Emily
3. Madison
4. Kaitlyn
5. Hailey
6. Olivia
7. Isabella
8. Hannah
9. Sarah
10. Abigail

When you are choosing a girls baby name it is important that the one you choose is one that both you and your partner like. Look at the way it sounds and looks as well as any connotations that may be attached to it. A great question to ask yourself when looking for a name for your baby girl is "Would I like this name if it was mine?"

Also when choosing a name for your daughter select one that has meaning to you. By doing this you are providing your child with a sense of belonging. You may want to select a name which fits your child (if they are dark haired then a name like Melain would be perfect as it means "black" or "dark"). However, if you choose to do this you may well have to wait until they have actually been born.

However, most parents will have chosen their baby's name prior to its birth and usually they find that when they see the baby for the first time the name they have chosen fits them perfectly. A great way of ensuring that the name you have chosen for your baby girl is right is by seeing how it sounds and how it looks written out (both fully and with initials). Often by playing around with different names for baby girls parents will find the one that they feel most comfortable with and sounds just right for the baby girl that they are expecting.


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