Baby Shower Ideas

Baby showers ideas

Are you preparing to host a baby shower for your best friend, daughter, sister or co-worker? We've got all the ideas right here to help you get organized.

From printable checklists and guest lists to the menu itself, it's all here to make the shower just as fun for you as it will be for the mom-to-be.

Baby Shower Planning

This complete guide of ideas for planning a baby shower includes:

The Baby Shower Budget
The Baby Shower Guest List
Choosing the Baby Shower Theme
The Baby Shower Menu

...and more ideas, to help you plan the perfect baby shower.

Planning a Baby Shower

Baby Shower Checklists

Baby Shower Planning Basics

Baby Shower Planning Timeline

Rules for a Successful Baby Shower


Baby Shower Themes and Games

Baby Shower Themes

Baby Shower Themes List

Boy Baby Shower Theme

Girl Baby Shower Themes

Games for Neutral Baby Showers

Coed Baby Showers

Baby Shower Games

How to Make a Diaper Cake


Baby Shower Food Ideas

Appetizer Recipes

Perfect finger foods for the baby shower menu.

Salad Recipes

Salads that tasty and light, perfect for leaving room for cake.

Cakes and Desserts

Satisfy everyone's sweet tooth with a baby shower cake, cupcakes or heavenly desserts.


Planning A Baby Shower


If you are not the shower hostess, choose the hostess and point her this way or print all the information for her. The goal is to help the new parents welcome their new baby with friendship and love. Another goal is to do it stress-free, so the hostess get to enjoy this celebration too!

We've all hosted a party at some time that left us worn out and exhausted by the time it arrived, and swearing we'd never take on a project like that again. I've learned to not repeat those mistakes by planning ahead, it puts the fun back into the party for me.

Start by planning, and following the steps in this planner. I'll link to different checklists and suggestions for ways to make your job easier, fun, and affordable. Follow the steps, and you'll end up with a baby shower the new mom will never forget and an event you'll be proud to have hosted.

Setting a Budget for the Baby Shower

A baby shower isn't a contest, it's an act of caring and joy.

Figure out what type of shower you want to have for the new mom, then the budget you have for it. Based on that budget, you can decidewhere you'll be having the shower, the menu, decorations, favors and more.

If you have a smaller group, yourhome or someone else's may be a good option.Hall rental and food are usually the two things that cost the most. Havingthe baby shower at a home saves a lot! You don't want to squeeze a hundred people into a small home just to save money, but ifguests canbe seated comfortably and you have room for food serving a home partytends to provide a more intimate setting.

If you do have a large shower, enlist other friends or family of the mom-to-be to help out. If the cost is prohibitive even with co-hosts, your other option is to prune the guest list. Baby showers, no matter what the size, are fun ways to let the new mom know you care about her and her new arrival.

Once you have an idea of the location and the number of guests, print the following checklists out to use as budget guides. The first checklist is forthe supplies that you'll need for the shower itself, it doesn't include invitations or the cost of the hall if you decide to hold the shower in a restaurant or hall.Use the number of guests tofigure out the cost.

Baby Shower Supply Checklist

To get an idea of the food costs, use the following menu planner and base the cost of the food on the number of guests.

Baby Shower Menu Plan

Total the two lists together, along with the cost of invitations and location rental (if the shower isn't being held at someone's home). This is your working budget.




Setting the Date of the Shower

The baby shower is usually sometime around four to six weeks before the mother's due date. Some baby showers are held after the baby is born, it's a matter of personal choice.

Try to choose a Saturday or Sunday between four to six weeks before the baby is due to have the shower. Check with out of town guests and "must be there" guest to try to find a date to accomodate them.

If you're having the shower at a restaurant or hall, you'll need to start looking for a location early. The sooner you can settle on a date, the better chance you have at getting the date you want at an outside venue. If you are having the baby shower at someone's home, you are much more flexible but do not wait too long to choose a date. Try to follow the baby shower planning timeline found here :

Baby Shower Planning Checklist and Timeline


Create the Baby Shower Guest List

You'll get an idea of how many people will be invited to the baby shower once you create a guest list.This is a must in planning, it determines howeverything from how much space youneed to how much food you'll need to provide.

The best way to create your guest list is to ask the parents-to-be. They have all the addresses and phone numbers you'll need, and you'll be sure to include the friends and family they want to share this celebration with. This is the time to decide if you are having a ladies only or a couples shower.

Print out the Baby Shower Guest List to keep yourself organized. Besides the usual name, address, and phone number you can keep track of RSVPs on the list. Somepeople may need a phone call from you to confirm if they are coming, even the best of us can be forgetful in regards to RSVPs. This will give you the most accurate count.


Choosing the Baby Shower Theme

Baby showers are fun, and the theme is where you can let your creativity shine! You can choose as simple or as elaborate a theme as you like, it's all up to you.

Keep your budget in mind, using creativity and the suggestions in the Baby Shower Themes section to have the shower the mom-to-be will love. Have fun with it!




Sending Baby Shower Invitations

Eight weeks before the baby shower, you should have the final guest list. When you are shopping for invitations, remember to match your theme and have all the important information included (date, time, directions, etc.) You should send out the invitations about six weeks before the baby shower date.

Refer to your Baby Shower Guest List once the invitations have been sent out to keep track of RSVPs. Once the RSVP date arrives, call any guests who haven't responded to find out if they are able to make it. You need the most accurate count you can get to order supplies and plan for food.


Planning the Baby Shower Menu

The menu planning for a baby shower is very flexible. You can go with appetizers, a buffet, or a full sit down meal depending on the time of day and the type of shower you're having.

If you're having the shower at a restaurant, the restaurant personnel will work with you on creating the menu. Choose what type of meal you'd like (buffet or sit-down meal) and work with them to plan the menu to fit your budget.

If you're hosting the baby shower at someone's home you can either make the food yourself or have the shower catered. Check our Baby Shower Food section to help you get ideas or plan your menu. If you decide to have the event catered, your caterer will give you a menu to choose from. Work with them to create a menu to fit your budget and the type of shower you're having.

You should decide if you will be making the cake or if you'll order it. Use your theme as a guide to design the cake. If you order from a baker, let them know what the theme is (or better yet, take in a plate or napkin with the design on it). If you are making the cake yourself look at a few of the Baby Shower Cake Designs for inspiration and an idea of the supplies you'll need.



Baby Shower Decorating and Supplies

Once you have your theme set and your guest list, it's time to buy the decorations and supplies. Centerpieces, streamers, balloons....the possibilities are endless!

Depending on where you're having the shower (restaurant or at someone's home) will determine how much you'll need to buy. Check with the restaurant to see what type, if any, decorations are allowed. If the shower is in someone's home, you'll also need plates, cups, napkins and utensils. It's easy to match decorations with a theme with the wide variety of designs available for baby showers.


Baby Shower Games

To guarantee a fun baby shower, include games (and prizes)! From printable games to "get-out-of-your-chair" fames, we have a great selection to choose from.

Some of the games require next to nothing, others need special items so make sure you plan ahead. Assemble everything you'll need to do whichever games you choose and make sure you have enough prizes! Get ideas in our Baby Shower Games section, where you'll find fun games to keep your guests enjoying every minute of the shower!


It's Baby Shower Time!

The big day is finally here and you're going to have a great time! Use these last few tips to stay on track, and most of all....have fun!

Use your Baby Shower Planning Checklist to make sure you are organized and you don't forget a thing.

Once guests start arriving, try to make them feel as welcome and comfortable as possible. Some may not know anyone else, so introductions are important to break the ice. Offer each guest a drink and if you are providing appetizers this is the time to make them available. Once the guest of honor arrives; present opening, the main food and then the games are next. You can do it in any order, whatever you feel most comfortable with and depending on the time of day (you don't want your guests starving while presents are being opened).

You've worked hard, and the mom-to-be is sure to love her shower! Now go have fun!


Baby Shower Basics for the Hostess

Planning a Baby Shower? Nothing is worse than feeling scattered, penniless and stressed for time as the party goes from concept to reality.  It doesn’t have to be that way.   If you ask yourself the right questions first, the rest will fall right in to place.

Don't Break the Budget

Unless your last name is Gates or Buffet, you probably have to think about the money you are going to spend getting the shower ready.  A realistic budget depends on several factors: the size of the crowd expected to attend, the kind of food being served and the cost of favors, gifts and decorations.

The most important factor, however, when setting your budget is how much can you really afford to spend? If you only have a beer budget, then either recruit co-hosts or downscale your champagne ideas (it's ok, we all have to do it sometimes).

Time is of the Essence

Time of day is important, and really dictates the menu, as well as other shower activities. Mid morning events denote a brunch; afternoon time slots can get away with light refreshments, while 6 pm is a full dinner affair.

When considering time think about the guest list.  As a courtesy to elderly grandparents or those who may have a considerable drive to attend setting a shower time in the early evening or mid-day is always appreciated. If the guest list is not dominated by geriatric or out of state attendees, then evenings work well to accommodate the work schedules of professional women, so long as it doesn’t conflict with a school night’s curfew.

Priorities When Setting a Date

When setting the date these three factors should get equal billing:  Mom’s availability, host’s availability and possible conflicts with major events that would prevent guests attendance.

Mommy’s Sensibilities

The theme of the baby shower is one of the most fun elements of the party, but don’t get so carried away that mom is lost in the shuffle of color schemes, party favors and flower arrangements.

If mom hates pink, don’t use it even if the baby is a girl.  If mom despises loud over the top affairs, shoot for understated elegance with your theme. Remember the baby shower is held to honor mommy and the baby, not the host’s ability to throw dazzling parties.

Food for All

Lastly, when setting the menu consider any guests who might have food limitations.  Nothing is worse for host or guest than to have someone unable to partake in the food due to allergies, diabetic concerns or plain pickiness.



Baby Shower Planning - Getting Your Timeline on Track


Ever heard that it’s all about timing?  It’s especially true when speaking of a baby shower planning timeline.  This event is a right of passage. The shower is a portion of the whole pregnancy and childbirth experience, which places no small burden on the shoulders of the host. 

Guest List: 6-8 Weeks Before the Shower

Once you know you are the host, or co-host of the shower the first thing you’ll need is the guest list. 

Why start there? Because knowing who is coming, in addition to whether mom wants her shower before or after baby arrives lets you know when you need to start planning.

Large guest lists mean more time is required if you want to have everything accomplished in time. More people demands more food, more prep, more chairs and more time in general.  Small showers with few attendees do not need as much time to pull off well, as they tend to be less fussy and more intimate.

Pick the Theme: 6-8 Weeks Before the Shower

When you know who is coming, the theme can be selected. Intricate themes will need more time and money.  Large guest lists can be self limiting as the theme just costs too much to adequately incorporate with the added seats and dollar amount. 

Picking the theme very early dictates much else.  The theme should be present on the invitation as well as the colors and center pieces on the tables.  Knowing the theme nice and early allows the hosts to be on the lookout for bargains and must have knick-knacks in the weeks leading up to the party.

Set the Date

The date needs to be close to, but not crowding mom’s due date.  As far as the midwife and OB is concerned mom is considered to be ‘full term’ at 37 weeks gestation. 

Knowing this can help you set a baby shower date that does not run the risk of being bumped by baby. To be really safe pick a party date at least 4 weeks prior to the due date. 

Games: 3 Weeks Before the Shower

Games are not a last minute item. Leaving everything to the last minute will grantee a crazy host who can’t enjoy the party.  Getting the games ready early is easy, and can get one whole item off your list with a minimum of fuss and anxiety.

When getting the games ready early remember that the favors and prizes.

Invitations in the Mail: 2 1/2 Weeks Before the Shower

The invitations can be created and addressed anytime after the guest list and dates are finalized.  It is a great idea to get the invitation itself ready, including the stamp, but don’t mail it out too soon. 

To get the party on your guest’s calendars the invitations need to be in the mail no later than two weeks before the shower.  Because the optimum time for invitation extension is 2 weeks before the party, it is best to allow for a few days in the mail.  Doing so will ensure that the invitation is actually in the guest’s hands for a full 14 days before the party.

The baby shower planning timeline starts right from the day you become host.  Getting the items above completed early on paves the way, allowing you to have a life beyond baby shower planning in the last weeks before the event. 


Baby Shower Planning Part 2

The baby shower planning timeline for the last 2 weeks before party time is a bit busier, but staying on track will mean a calm moment to sit during the festivities and knowing that you are prepared before the first guest knocks on the door.

Décor: 2 Weeks Before the Shower

Setting up for the party can’t happen until the few days prior to the party itself, but having all the table clothes, signs, center pieces and everything else right down to the perfectly pink or blue napkins, plates, cups and utensils on site and ready to deploy 2 weeks before the party is just good planning.

Getting them ready early will allow you time to notice any missing items.

Food Prep: 5 Days Before the Shower

When selecting the menu don’t be tempted to let the taste buds do too much of the planning.  A menu that is simple, but filled with unproven recipes that need to be tossed together at the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Set a menu of proven dishes which can be made ahead.  If other co-hosts will be helping with the meal keep the ease of transporting foods in mind when selecting the meal plan.

Purchase the needed foods no later than 5 days ahead of time.  Start cooking the make-ahead items on this same timeframe.  You can get many items ready as much as 2 weeks ahead of time if it is a menu item that can be frozen. 

Cleaning and Set up: 24 Hours Before the Shower

Cleaning needs to start one week before, and be maintained until the party is over.

Setting up the chairs and getting the decorations laid out can happen early, when the host’s home is available. If the hostess has a house full of young kids setting up the day before is asking for trouble. Getting as much of the set up done as possible in the 24 hours prior to go time is best.

Last Minute Items

While a center piece and napkins will spend the night happily on the table, ice and food will not.  Food items should be readied on the day of the party, but kept cold or hot until needed. To this end prepare cold dishes first, because the time in the fridge will not dry them out or over cook them.  Hot items should be cooked during the last hour before the party and kept warm until meal time. 

To throw a great party without going crazy, stick to a detailed baby shower planning timeline. It will keep your efforts focused and on track.



6 Simple Rules for Baby Showers

Who wrote the book on baby showers etiquette?  Some say the rules might be a bit out of step with modern society.  

Some of the old baby showers rules of etiquette have long since been laid by the roadside, but what has taken their place? Welcome to a new liberated age of baby shower celebrations where the mom to be and baby are celebrated in the way their friends and family will most enjoy!

To really make a baby shower a memorable one, remember follow these simple steps:

1. Know Your Audience

The kind of baby shower you are going to throw successfully will largely depend on the guest list.  If your mom to be hands you a guest list including everyone from her great-grandmother to maiden aunts the theme will differ from that of a shower being thrown for a group of younger non-matronly women.

Family baby showers with grandmothers, aunts and cousins should follow a more traditional feel. A shower complete with games, refreshments and gifts will make grammy very happy.  

When the guest list resembles the who’s who of girl’s night out a tame shower of yesteryear is bound to feel just a bit like a bore. Of course your guests will be gracious enough not to snooze loudly on your sofa, but why tempt them? A party predominantly attended by age mates can be more contemporary. In fact, why box yourself into the baby shower package at all?  Opt for more of a girl’s night out theme and shower mom to be with gifts while sharing a meal at her favorite restaurant.

2. Keep it Simple

Many a hostess has gone way over budget, and lost much sleep trifling with the cute, but totally unnecessary and unnoticed details.

Doing too much is what generally kills a party quicker than anything else.  Guests, especially the mom to be, tend to get lost in the party when décor, food and itinerary take over the day.  Do yourself a favor: choose one or two cute games, a simple menu and leave time for what the women really want to do, which is socialize and chat freely without the looming dread of the next shower activity hanging over their heads.

3. Food Matters

Food is at the heart of most parties, holidays and family time. A baby shower is no different. The foods should be appropriate to the time of day, not necessarily bound to baby themed fare.  If the shower is timed for a major meal guests will expect a substantial menu. If you don’t have it in you to plan a full meal schedule the party for in between meal times.  Brunches are especially easy and delicious.

4. Keep to the Schedule

If the invitation says the party will begin at 3 pm, then it needs to be ready and set to swing into full motion at 3:05.  Hosts who just don’t get enough done before hand are setting themselves and their guests up for a disappointing engagement.

One way to ensure the timing goes well is to begin with a buffet with games to follow. This allows late comers to insert themselves into the party rather inconspicuously, without throwing off the timing of a game or other activity. Games and chatting come next, followed by opening of gifts.  Doing gifts last helps to regulate departure.  If a guest needs to leave early, they can slip out when the gifts begin.

5. Location Matters

Have you ever been invited to a party miles away in an unfamiliar house with a difficult to find address after dark?  No one likes the idea of needing to go inconveniently out of their way and into the unknown. When possible make attending as easy as possible on guests by holding the party in a familiar locale.  

Having the party at a convenient place will increase attendance which means more gifts for mom, improving the ‘shower’ quotient of the party.

6. The Second Time Around

There is an unwritten rule in some social circles that mom gets one baby shower; that’s it, no matter what!  This line of thinking is being challenged, and down right ignored.  If your social circles aren’t quite ready to abandon this rule, but you’d still really like to celebrate mom to be and baby numbers 2-infinity, then it is time to introduce the notion of the Baby Sprinkle.  

Baby Sprinkles are a scaled down baby shower, but the difference is mostly syntax.  The party planning, theme-ing and invitations are still the same.  The main difference is in the gift department. ‘Sprinkles’ don’t generally generate the same amounts/size of gifts for mom. Gifts will tend to be smaller in nature (such as clothing only, books, bath essentials, etc.).



Printable Baby Shower Checklists

 baby shower checklist

How are you going to keep track of guests, food, and everything else you need to remember without getting stressed? With checklists of course!

From start to finish, you can enjoy the shower without forgetting a thing. All of the checklists are printer-friendly versions.


Start with the printable baby shower planning checklist to stay organized and on track for the shower. It gives you a timeline to plan everything from choosing a theme to preparing or picking up the food on the day of the shower. 

Baby Shower Planning Checklist




• Use this simple printable baby shower guest list to keep track of invites and RSVPs.

Baby Shower Guest List


• Plan and organize your baby shower menu with this handy list.

Baby Shower Menu


• Create a food shopping list for your baby shower menu with this easy form.

Baby Shower Food Shopping List


• Use this printable baby shower checklist to make sure you have all the supplies you need for a memorable shower.

Baby Shower Supply Checklist


• To help the new mom-to-be, print out this checklist. Fill in the gift description and the giver's name to make it easier for her to send out thank you notes.

Baby Shower Gift Checklist




Baby Shower Themes


Baby showers can either have a theme or not. The choice to host a theme shower is up to the hostess. Having a theme has a few benefits, but it also has a few complications.

It makes it easier to plan games, decorations, the cake and to add extra flair and style to the shower by having everything coordinated. It lets the creativity of the hostess shine through because everything is pulled together in a visually obvious way.

The drawback is finding decorations and tableware depending on the theme. If you choose a theme that sounds like fun, you may find out that you’ll end up with basic colors for tableware and decorations because the graphics for your theme haven’t been put on to party supplies.

A middle ground is to choose a theme based on the party ware you choose. The design focus is taken care of with the plates and decorations, your job is to then come up with games and favors to compliment it.

Another option is to avoid a theme altogether. Choose what you like as far as decorations and party supplies, and choose your games according to what appeals to you. With this type of shower, your main coordination tasks will be through color. For example : if the plates you choose have a picture of baby animals, choose two dominant colors from the artwork as your balloon and streamer colors.

The bottom line is that a baby shower is a joyous celebration. You’ll have a great time no matter how you choose to present it! That said, if you decide to go with a theme the following pages have some tried and true (and some unique) themes for you to consider.

Couples Shower

This type of shower has been gaining popularity in recent years. It allows the dad-to-be to participate in the celebration, and lets the mom-to-be share it with him. The guests are usually friends of the couple, with the couples knowing both the parents-to-be.

Tea Party

The traditional tea party is perfect for a baby shower. From finger sandwiches and tea cakes to fine china cups, this lends itself wonderfully to the delicate theme of a new baby.

Pamper Mom

While the baby shower gifts are traditional (for the baby), the shower itself focuses on mom. She gets extra pampering with a facial, manicure and makeover session along with her guests.

The Baby’s Schedule

Each guest is assigned a different time from the baby’s schedule. They bring an appropriate gift for that time…bath time, feeding time, bed time, etc. This helps to make sure the new mom has what she needs during an average day with her new baby.

Fill Her Freezer

The first few weeks with a new baby are the most tiring. New moms find it hard to plan meals and may end up eating poorly when they need to watch their nutrition. Have guests bring a dish that can be frozen and heated easily once the baby arrives so mom doesn’t have to worry about what to have for dinner.




Fairy Tales

Choose your favorite fairy tale and decorate based on the tale. If you choose the Princess and the Pea, decorate with a royal theme. Make sure you put peas into a cold salad, and have mom’s chair plumped with lots of pillows to sit on top of.



Depending if the baby is a boy or girl, you can do a Prince or Princess theme. Decorate with royal crests, crowns and castle themed items.



Have each guest make a scrapbook page for the new mother and baby. Take a picture of each guest, then have them personalize their page by adding their thoughts, advice, and wishes for the new family. Make sure you provide plenty of stickers and scrapbooking accessories!


Boy Shower

If the parents already know it’s a boy, go with a baby blue and boys toys theme. Blue decorations, blue coloring in the food and little boys toys are the decorations.


Girl Shower

Go girly with this theme, pink everywhere. Use ribbons, bows, lace and pink décor to help welcome the new baby girl.


Character Theme

Winne the Pooh, Disney Babies, Little Mermaid or whoever you choose can be the theme of this shower. This theme is fairly easy to get party supplies for, just look in the children’s birthday party section of the party supply store.


Nursery Theme

Help the new mom decorate her nursery. Find out the theme she chose and have guests bring nursery theme related gifts.


Noah's Ark

This is an extremely popular theme for twin showers. This is also a great theme to use for a couples shower. Do everything two by two, from the food to the decorating.


Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Help to welcome the new little star with a star of their own. Ask the guests to contribute to registering a real star for the new baby with the star registry. Decorate with moon and stars decorations and twinkly white lights.



Mother Goose

Decorate with popular nursery rhyme characters, using illustrations and items from the rhymes. Place the tableware in pails for Jack and Jill, serve deviled eggs for Humpty Dumpty, etc. Give the new mom a complete collection of Mother Goose rhymes so she’ll have her wonderful shower memories when she reads the rhymes to her new little one.


Safety Shower

Gifts for this theme center around baby safety. From door latches to outlet plugs, the parents-to-be will be ready to have a baby in the house (safely!).


Ages and Stages

Assign a random age or developmental stage from newborn - 5 years inside invitations, and have your guests bring a gift appropriate for that age group.


Mom’s Life

Use the mom-to-be as the inspiration for this one. Baby pictures from when she was a baby, notes from her parents with stories about what she was like as an infant, toddler then a child, favorite toys or mementos from her past.



Decorate with alphabet blocks and letters. Ask guests to buy a gift starting with a letter you assign them. Play games based on the alphabet.


Baby Clothes

Use clothesline and clothes pins, laundry baskets and baby laundry detergent to decorate with. Have guests bring baby clothes based on the baby’s age (guests can be assigned an age so the mom ends up with a good supply of clothing for the first year).


Celebrity Baby

Decorate with Oscars, stars like the Hollywood Walk of Fame, movie posters and celebrity magazines. Use a red carpet for guest arrivals, taking pictures as they do the “Oscar Night” walk. Go glitter, glam and paparazzi for this one!


Dr. Seuss

Kids and adults will both enjoy a 'Dr. Seuss baby shower theme.' Even a grinch could enjoy this party! Whether your newborn is a girl or boy, they are bound to fall in love with Dr. Seuss books. Whether it's "The Cat in the Hat", "Green Eggs and Ham" or "How the Grinch Stole Christmas," theming a Dr. Seuss party is perfect for your arrival!


Birthstone Baby Shower Theme

Use the baby’s birthstone as a them for this baby shower. Have guests wrap their gifts in the color of the birthstone, use decorations with the birthstone being the focal color, and use “gems” to decorate the table and cake with. Any craft store has a great selection that can be mixed and matched.





20 Baby Shower Themes

Looking for baby shower themes? Look no farther. If the extensive list below doesn’t hold the right shower for you, it is certain to spark the ideas that will get you there on your own!


Cowboy baby shower themes work well for boys and girls. Just adjust the colors of the hats and bandanas to the appropriate gender. This theme is great, because décor is easily found under normal circumstances, inexpensive and it comes with a ready made menu for food service.


Throw an out of this world shower! Pick an astronaut theme for the brainiac to be!

What Will I Be When I Grow Up?

Each new baby has so much potential. Make your party buzz around this theme. Give each guest an occupation theme that their gift should highlight. This will give mom loads of cute clothing and imaginative toys.

Peter Pan

No mom ever wants to think of her baby growing up.  Help mom escape to Neverland with her baby by throwing a Peter Pan themed party.


Classic Disney is great for baby shower themes.  You can choose from mouse and duck duos to other classic characters like Chip and Dale.  These themes can be ideal for mothers expecting twins.

If Disney is great, but the older characters are not for your mommy to be, then update the theme with new characters. Mulan, Buzz and Woody or Tiana are ideal for mothers who grew up in the 80s or later.


Is mom a real book worm? Are her clothing needs already met? Then a baby book shower might be just the ticket.  The decorations can be children’s books of every size and color, while the gifts will help mom start her own collection of baby books to share with her child.


Is the baby to come a girl?  Then a shower themed as a royal coronation is not out of order.  Mom can sit in an honorary throne and be the center of all things princess.


Birds are the new ‘in’ animal. Penguins, owls and many other birds are filling movie theaters and toy store shelves.  You can capitalize on this by throwing a baby shower for the birds. 

Abandon traditional themes and just have fun since this Baby shower is for the birds!


Is your momma planning on using only natural and organic baby products?  Get her off to a roaring start by having an organic, natural baby shower theme.  Complete the theme with cloth diapers and the name that candy bar poopy diaper game.

Blankies and Bedding

Have a pajama party! Baby will spend lots of time sleeping and spitting up on those sheets, blankies and everything else. Pamper mom with new pj’s for herself and her baby. Then pile on the extra baby blankets and crib sheets so that laundry will not have to a several times a day event.


Does mom need a stroller? Focus the theme on wheels. Have guests all chip in to buy mom the stroller of her dreams.

Work Party

Sometimes the best gift of all is time and the best parties are work parties.  To this end have a baby shower work party and help mom paint the nursery, hang the artwork, fold the baby clothes and assemble the crib then sit back and enjoy a chat over a sack lunch.

Belly Casting

Capture mom’s baby belly in stone, or paper Mache.  It is easy to make a belly mold of mom’s baby bump.  It only takes an afternoon, a newspaper and some willing hands.  Make sure to pick an appropriate product, some plasters get very hot and can burn delicate skin.

Baby Sprinkles

Is this the second or third time around for mom?  Then a baby sprinkle, instead of a full blown shower might be all that is needed. A baby sprinkle is like a mini-baby shower.


The creators of Barney are geniuses, not just because the songs get permanently stuck in your head, but because, as it turns out, dinosaurs is one place both girls and boys overlap in childhood.  At some point every child is fascinated by dinos, regardless of gender.  This makes a super-sized, dinosaur themed baby shower perfect when the gender is a surprise.

Where the Wild Things Are

This Maurice Sendak book is a classic.  A baby shower themed in this way is fun and certain to bring out the child in even the most grown up guests. 

Food can be colorful, fun and fit for a wild one.  If baby’s birth date falls in those weeks surrounding Halloween it is a perfect theme to welcome baby.

Twinkle Little Star

Baby is the star of the night, make it sparkle. Decorate the room in twinkling stars, mirrors, shiny papers and bright stars. Using twinkle lights is a great way to carry the starlight theme into any room of the house. Invitations can be star shaped cards on silvery paper with a shine to it.

Girls Night Out

Are baby showers just not your thing, mom’s thing or really the thing of anyone on the guest list? Abandon the typical baby shower for a girl’s night out. Take in events that mom will likely forego for the next few months when new baby is her constant companion. A good chick flick is a great idea.

Mom and Dad

Is dad just as hands on as a dad could possibly be?  You may want to include him in the baby shower.  Including Dads changes the whole landscape of the party right down to the guest list and date.

Dad will not have nearly as much fun if he is the only man in a room full of women.  A decidedly girly theme will add considerably to his discomfort.  Instead of going over the top with mommy themed shower stuff, theme a dad and mom party more like a nice date night with your best friend couples.

Cash Please

Money is the essence of new parent’s needs.  To this end do struggling moms and dads a favor by hosting a “cash only” baby shower theme.  Money is always the right color, is never too small and will not need to be returned.  Mom may feel awkward asking for monetary gifts herself, but a cash theme will do it for her.

Don’t spot the idea for your shower?  Here are a few more ideas for you to consider: Stripes and Dots, Sock Monkeys, Fishermen, Multiples, Noah’s Ark, Under the Sea, Kittens and Puppies, a Mother’s Blessing and Jungle Animals.




Picking a Baby Boy Shower Theme

When throwing a party for mom to be and her little bundle of joy, every hostess wants to select a baby boy shower theme that is perfection for the bouncing bundle about to arrive; but getting the theme right is not always easy.

To help you select from the many different types of baby shower themes ask yourself the following questions.  They will help narrow the options and zero in on the perfect theme.

Size Counts

Is your baby shower going to involve a large crowd of people, or is it going to be a more intimate party with only a handful of guests? A theme that is too picky or detail oriented is lost in the crowd of a shower that includes everyone mom has ever known.  On the flip side, a theme that is too sparse can be a glaring sour note if the gathering is small.

Know your MOMMY

This party is about mom and baby, not so much the hostess or her home.  Keeping this in mind and consider the mother to be and what you know about her when determining the theme. 

Is the mom crazy about Minnie Mouse?  A cartoon character themed party can’t go wrong. 

Is mom a stuffed toy collector?  Focus the theme on baby soft plush toys.

Is mom expecting a boy, whom she is certain will be a famous ball player?  Then an all-boy, all-sports themed shower will hit the nail on the head.

Know your DADDY

Dad may not attend the party, but when it comes to baby boy shower theme he will have an opinion when it comes to his BOY.  To be certain the toys, clothing and other gifts are manly enough for daddy’s sensibilities keep his personality quirks in the back of your

The NON Theme

When it comes to baby showers why does the host feel a need to reinvent the wheel?  The baby to be and mommy on hand are theme enough.  Select colors to emphasis gender or mom’s favorites and you have a simple, yet elegant baby shower.

It is not a great idea to pull out all the stops or to take a chosen theme to the absolute limit.  This party is supposed to be about mommy and baby.  As fun as large, flamboyant theme parties are, be careful not to let the theme overshadow mom!

Be Simple

Do you have several ideas that mesh well together?  Don’t be tempted to incorporate all of them.  For example instead of doing all things Disney baby choose to highlight princesses for a girl or Winnie the Pooh for a boy.  Instead of getting every stuffed toy known to man, choose a favorite, like a sock monkey to carry the theme.

Nickels and Dimes

Money is an issue.  When picking a theme keep the budget in mind.  If you have the necessary linens, utensils and decorations on hand then it will free up money for other items such as gifts, food and favors.

Baby Girl Shower Themes - Choosing Yours

Hosting a shower for the soon to be mother of a baby girl? Take any baby girl shower themes over the top!  Little girls are really something special. (thank heaven for them, right?)  Whatever angle of the baby girl theme you are highlighting, make use of these tips and tricks to make that sweet, pink, diva in the making the focus of the event.


Girls are lucky because they can get away with any color in the rainbow.  Try convincing anyone the same is true of a baby boy: pink or purple just isn’t done!

Of course pink is the supreme girl’s color so if you choose to embrace it really go all out.  The fashion trends of late lend themselves to bold, bright and downright neon colors. This is in your favor.  You can find just about anything in neon pink right now.  All your plastic ware, plates and napkins will sing ‘baby girl on the way”.

Add splashes of color to throw pillows, center pieces, the buffet tables and even the walls.  You can do this easily by adding flowers, wrapping the throw pillows you already have in a baby girl shower themed appropriate colors or by filling clear glass containers with tissue paper or metallic pink ribbons.  Get creative and color it up.

Fabric Fun

You don’t have to spend a ton on gifts and décor or settle for a run of the mill plastic table cover from the dollar store. Fabric is your new best friend and it doesn’t have to cost a lot.

You can find inexpensive fabric to fit any theme, no matter how specific.  The touch of actual textiles will transform your party’s appearance from run of the mill to runway worthy. Get to the fabric store and storm the clearance bolts. You will come away with loads of pink and otherwise adorable girly fabrics in any texture and shade imaginable.

Use your linen bounty to make inexpensive, but eye catching pink table runners, transform a humble recliner into the pink princess throne fit for a mom to be.  Cut out place mats, or precut a couple large squares of pink fleece and have the group pitch in to make a hand tied, no sew baby blanket on the spot!

Tie It In

The really important factor in taking your baby girl shower themes over the top is to tie it into every aspect of the shower itself. If you choose to go with a princess theme, the invitations should scream royalty, the food needs to be fussy and delicate, and the décor needs to be glamorously bejeweled and rich feeling. 

It is not difficult to do; it just takes planning, careful attention to detail and shopping before hand.

The Extra

Never underestimate that little something extra; the whimsical touches that push a nice gathering over the top. For example, getting back to the princess themed shower, fussy finger sandwiches served on crystalline plates (clear plastic plates with the fancy cuts that mimic jewels) and sparkling cider in fluted glasses is great, but imagine the entire gathering enjoying such delights while wearing a crown that each received upon arrival?

The added ‘x’ factor of that little something extra will be remembered for years to come.

Games for Neutral Baby Shower Themes

There are many reasons you might choose neutral baby shower themes.  Mom and Dad don’t know the baby’s gender, or the idea of a totally frilly, princess of a girl or a masculine and macho boy is just too much for mom to handle or this is not mom’s first baby and so the shower is more about pampering her than helping stock up for baby.

What can the hostess do about baby shower games at a neutral themed shower?  This is no problem at all.  Most baby shower games are not all that gender specific and go equally well with pink or blue.

Games at a neutral shower can function to push more of the focus onto mom or pull it back to the impending arrival of baby. Keeping this in mind here are a few fun and easy games to highlight mom, baby or both!

Baby Bingo

Baby bingo is great, because it can be played so many ways, is easy to prepare and does not take an extraordinary amount of time to enjoy at the shower.  

When guests arrive, hand each a piece of paper with a blank grid printed on one side. The grid should have 5 rows and 5 columns so it is a 5x5 block of squares.  The center square can be labeled as a ‘free’ space if you wish. To make this paper cuter, you can decorate it with clip art focusing on your theme and print the title ‘baby Bingo’ at the top.

Each player is instructed to fill in the blank squares with something they expect mom to receive as one of the gifts at the shower; tell them to be specific.  

Play begins as mom opens her gifts and each player marks off the appropriate squares.  This game is especially fun when the host has assigned specific gifts such as basic baby items, onsies, pacifiers, bath time items or blankets as part of the invitation.

Matters of Maternal Pampering

To bring the full spotlight to bear on mom have a complete pampering mom theme right down to no baby gifts at all. Instead shower mom with indulgent treats like bubble bath, lip gloss, chocolates and other fun trinkets.

This can easily be converted into a game of ‘Name that Item’.  

This is an ideal game if you have some attendees who don’t usually enjoy participating actively in “cutsie” games.  Capitalize on this reality by asking guests to volunteer for the game.  Have them sit in the front of the room where others can watch, like a game show.  

Give them a list of items such as lotion, baby wipes, chocolate candies, bubble bath, and lip gloss and so on.  To play, have each player smell, handle or other wise explore these items one at a time while blindfolded. They then need to guess which items was which.

The player with the most correct answers wins.  (Limiting interaction to smell only, generally works best)

Mom and Baby

The baby animals game is a great one to bring mothers and their oven bun into the spotlight together.  This game works with nearly all shower themes no matter how neutral and is a snap for the host to prepare.

Simply clip a list of the adult (mother) animal’s name next to a list of baby animal’s names.  To play, each player must correctly match mother to baby.  For example the mother is a deer while her baby is a fawn.  To make this game even more exciting bring dad into the mix; then the answers would be a three way match of doe, fawn and buck or goose, gosling and gander.  

Gender Neutral Baby Shower Themes

To help you get started listed here are several baby animal names already matched with their parents (use this as your key):

Animal Family Name     Mom            Baby            Dad
Goose                       goose            gosling        gander
Deer                         doe              fawn            buck
Chicken                     hen             chick            rooster
Lions                        lioness          cub              lion        
Bovine                      cow              calf             bull
Cat                          queen            kitten          tom
Pig                           sow             piglet            boar
Donkey                     jenny            foal              jack
Horse                       mare            foal              stallion
Kangaroo                  flyer            joey              boomer
Leopard                    leopardess     cub              leopard
Llama                       hembra        cria                 macho
Mallard                     hen             duckling           drake
Mouse                      doe             pinkie              buck
Mule                        molly            foal                john
Peafowl                    peahen        peachick          peacock
Rabbit                      jill                bunny            jack
Lemur                       princess        infant            dictator
Sheep                      ewe              lamb             ram
Red Deer                  hind              calf              stag
Ant                         queen            larva            drone
Swan                       pen               cygnet         cob        
Tiger                       tigress           cub              tiger
Chimpanzee              empress         infant            blackback
Turkey                     hen               poult            tom/gobbler
Falcon                     falcon            eyass            tiercel
Wolf                        shewolf          whelp            dog

This list is by no means complete, and if you find it wanting it can easily be rounded out with a quick Internet search using the keywords male vs. female animal names or animal family names.  

To play, simply print off the list without the Animal Family Name and fill in the blanks.  One of the best things about this game is that there is so much you can do to modify it to fit your needs. If you only want mom and baby, change the hand out to reflect that, want matching instead of fill in the blank?  You can do that too, it is all just a matter of formatting.

Neutral baby shower themes do not have to mean run of the mill and boring.  With these unique crowd pleasing games at the ready, you are one step closer to hosting the best baby shower ever!


The New Co-ed Baby Showers

Coed_Baby_Showers Dads nowadays do everything from diaper changes and midnight feedings to Lamaze coaching and cord cutting; so why are co-ed baby showers still such a rarity?

Old Sensibilities

In the good ole days of yesteryear pregnancy, labor, birth and baby care were distinctly woman’s work.  Dad was out in the fields planting crops or clubbing dinner.

Times change and Dads are not only as hands on as mom, it’s how they themselves want it to be. Dad wants to hold his new baby, talk to his son while still in the womb, bond with his daughter while pasting pink ribbons to her bald head.

No longer is child rearing a girl’s only club. The last vestiges of this tradition still cling to the Baby Shower.  Maybe it is time this particular party evolved.

Including Dad in the baby shower will mean anticipating his tastes too when making the guest list, planning games and foods. The last thing the host wants would be to make dad feel uncomfortable; to this end any overly frilly, girly party should be given a shot of man-mojo.

This is simple enough to accomplish. Invite other men so dad isn’t the only male on the premises; include games and conversation starters that don’t concentrate on labor, delivery, and breastfeeding . It is also good to let other guests know that this will be a co-ed affair.

Traditional Themes

How many moms out there would truly be sorry to see a shot of new life breathed into the rote world of a traditional baby shower?  For some reason the baby shower has remained a compulsory party which some people don't really enjoy.

To them, it is an afternoon eating less than satisfying, fussy baby foods, a forced march through gift opening and topped off with the same games that are played at all the showers they've been to.

Out With the Old

Hosting a Co-ed Baby shower throws the doors open to an opportunity to turn the whole baby shower on its head and really shake things up.  Having mixed company can mean different games, more substantial food and many more laughs!

It really isn’t that difficult to tweak a traditional shower to suit the needs of a co-ed gathering. The biggest change is the guest list and making the décor a bit manlier.

For example, couples could play name that baby photo, or share embarrassing baby stories about one another. Having seasoned parents provide a touch of reality in a comical way about diaper duty, sleepless nights, and the general state of chaos which is the new normal of parenthood is a great way to both inform the parents to be and include dad in the party.

Games that pit the boys against the girls are wonderfully fun and guess what, there no need to reinvent the wheel. Those typical shower games can become great fodder for a battle of the sexes event with minor tinkering.

So give dad a break, and look more closely at co-ed baby showers.


Baby Shower Games


Baby shower games serve two purposes. One is to get your guests mingling, participating, and laughing with each other. Many of the baby shower guests may not know each other, especially the mom-to-be’s friends and her relatives. It also gives the guest of honor some fun time with her friends and family before she goes into sleep deprivation mode.

When choosing games keep it simple. You don’t want to have to explain the directions 10 times, or have the game interrupted because the guests don’t understand. Also, you’re going to have your hands full with the shower preparation, decorating and food planning.

There are a variety of games to choose from, anything from co-ed games that include men, to pencil and paper games to full out relay race type games. Determine what will fit your shower best. If you have an indoor shower in a fairly small area, stay away from relays or games that require a lot of movement. If you are having an outdoor shower, mix it up…some games specifically for outdoor activity and some sit down games. Try to keep the mother-to-be in mind. If  she can't participate in the games because they are too strenuous, she’ll feel left out. Below are some ideas for games that will let everyone (including the mom-to-be and the hostess) have fun.

Spelling eeB

This is a spelling bee but you spell the words backwards. The first round calls for 4 letter baby related words, like "baby". One at a time, give a word to each guest. If they spell it wrong, they're out and the next person gets to spell their word. They have to spell it backwards!

Second round is 5 letter baby related words for anyone who made it past the first round, the third round is 6 letter words and so on. Keep going until you have a winner.


Pin Drop

Guests compete to drop diaper pins into a baby bottle - but they have to hold the diaper pin near their chin when they drop it. For multiple rounds, start at the height of their knee, then waist, then chin until there is only one winner.


Multi-Tasking Mom

Hang a clothesline across the room with baby outfits hanging from it. Have guests compete to see who can get the most clothes off the clothesline in 30 seconds. The catch is, they have to get the clothes off the clothesline while holding a baby doll and talking on a cordless phone.


Pass the Box

Wrap a gift in layers and layers of gift wrap, the more layers the better. Like Hot Potato, guests will pass the box until the music stops. The person holding it when the music stops unwraps only one layer.

When the music starts again, the gift gets passed around again and again until the last layer of wrapping is taken off. Whoever removes the last layer of wrap gets to keep the gift.


Pin the Baby in the Mommy

This is exactly like pin the tail on the donkey, but you'll make a mommy and babies for guest to put into the right place.
Another variation is to pin the pacifier on the baby, the one who gets the pacifier closest to the baby's mouth wins.


Needle in A Haystack

This game involves diaper pins in a bowl of uncooked rice. Guests compete to find the most diaper pins in one minute, while blindfolded.


Diaper the Baby

Set up as a relay race, teams compete to have each team member rush to a table, take off the baby's diaper, then wipe, powder and put the diaper back on. The first team to have all members diaper the baby wins. The diaper must stay on the baby when holding it above the table.


Baby Charades

One word baby items of complete phrases can be used. The words or phrases have to be baby related.


Guess the Baby Food

Take the labels off of the baby food jars and have the guests guess the food (carrots, peas, sweet potato). Use 8-10 jars of different kinds of foods. If there is a tie, blindfold the remaining two and have them taste one of the jars and guess the right flavor to win their prize.


Name the White Stuff

Fill 10 Ziploc bags with powdered goods like baby detergent, formula, flour, powdered sugar, baking soda, etc. Number the bags 1 to 10 each containing one of ten white powders. All of the baby shower guests pass the bags around writing down on a piece of paper what they thought the "white stuff" was. Whoever guesses the most correct wins.




How to Make a Diaper Cake

Diaper-CakeDiaper cakes are not only fantastic baby shower decorations, but they also make great baby shower gifts. The internet is littered with sites offering to sell you a pre-made diaper cake, but at those prices plus shipping who can afford it?  

Just like any gift, when it comes from your heart and hands it is that much more special. In this case it is more cost effective too.  Don’t worry, cost effective isn’t code for cheap and second rate.  You can make a diaper cake just as cute as anything you’ve seen and it really isn’t difficult.

The Plan to Make a Diaper Cake:

The first step is to decide what kind of cake you’d like to make.  Do you want a simple short cake, or an ultra layer cake? No matter your fancy the first place to start is with a photo. You can use the one on the left as a guide or find one by shopping online for diaper cakes.  Just pick a photo, follow these simple tips and your cake will be a hit!

The instructions here outline how to make a three tier diaper cake.   This impressive and beautiful option is deceivingly difficult to build.  Anyone with the ability to snap fingers, tie a bow and open a diaper box can do it.

Diaper Cake Supplies

The basic supplies are: diapers, card board, large and small rubber bands and tape.  Additional supplies to decorate the cake and sent the cute quotient through the roof include: ribbons and bows in baby blue or pink, pacifiers, bottles, small stuffed toys or any other small baby supply item that is cute.   

Getting Started

The first thing you’ll need to decide when making the diaper cake is how large it is going to be and what size diapers you will be using.   A three tier cake is cute and can use a different size diaper for each level, but you could also use the same size for all of it. If you are using different sized diaper for each layer you will need to purchase a large bag of each size.  If you are using all the same sized diaper, then you’ll need three large bags or one super sized box (200+ count).  

Step one:  Roll all the diapers like a burrito as tightly as you can.  Use tape or rubber bands to keep them rolled.

Step two:  If you purchased the box of diapers you can use it, if not get another cardboard source.  Cut three circles: the largest should be 18-20 inches in diameter, cut another circle 3 inches smaller, and a third circle three inches smaller than that.  

Step three:  Arrange the rolled diapers on the largest cardboard circle starting at the center and working your way outward. To maintain stability use rubber bands at intervals.  Once the edge of the cardboard circle is reached tie the diapers together with a ribbon.  This is not only holds the cake together the ribbon is a pretty touch.  Repeat this process with the other two layers.  

Step four:  Stack the layers one on top of the other and decorate the diaper cake with the extras you have gathered.  It is an especially nice tough to add a cake topper of some kind: a doll, stuffed bear or a framed photo from the ultrasound.  

Step five: Give your confection to the happy mother to be and enjoy the look on her face.