Baby Shower Planning Part 2

The baby shower planning timeline for the last 2 weeks before party time is a bit busier, but staying on track will mean a calm moment to sit during the festivities and knowing that you are prepared before the first guest knocks on the door.

Décor: 2 Weeks Before the Shower

Setting up for the party can’t happen until the few days prior to the party itself, but having all the table clothes, signs, center pieces and everything else right down to the perfectly pink or blue napkins, plates, cups and utensils on site and ready to deploy 2 weeks before the party is just good planning.

Getting them ready early will allow you time to notice any missing items.

Food Prep: 5 Days Before the Shower

When selecting the menu don’t be tempted to let the taste buds do too much of the planning.  A menu that is simple, but filled with unproven recipes that need to be tossed together at the last minute is a recipe for disaster. Set a menu of proven dishes which can be made ahead.  If other co-hosts will be helping with the meal keep the ease of transporting foods in mind when selecting the meal plan.

Purchase the needed foods no later than 5 days ahead of time.  Start cooking the make-ahead items on this same timeframe.  You can get many items ready as much as 2 weeks ahead of time if it is a menu item that can be frozen. 

Cleaning and Set up: 24 Hours Before the Shower

Cleaning needs to start one week before, and be maintained until the party is over.

Setting up the chairs and getting the decorations laid out can happen early, when the host’s home is available. If the hostess has a house full of young kids setting up the day before is asking for trouble. Getting as much of the set up done as possible in the 24 hours prior to go time is best.

Last Minute Items

While a center piece and napkins will spend the night happily on the table, ice and food will not.  Food items should be readied on the day of the party, but kept cold or hot until needed. To this end prepare cold dishes first, because the time in the fridge will not dry them out or over cook them.  Hot items should be cooked during the last hour before the party and kept warm until meal time. 

To throw a great party without going crazy, stick to a detailed baby shower planning timeline. It will keep your efforts focused and on track.




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