Sending Baby Shower Invitations

Eight weeks before the baby shower, you should have the final guest list. When you are shopping for invitations, remember to match your theme and have all the important information included (date, time, directions, etc.) You should send out the invitations about six weeks before the baby shower date.

Refer to your Baby Shower Guest List once the invitations have been sent out to keep track of RSVPs. Once the RSVP date arrives, call any guests who haven't responded to find out if they are able to make it. You need the most accurate count you can get to order supplies and plan for food.


Planning the Baby Shower Menu

The menu planning for a baby shower is very flexible. You can go with appetizers, a buffet, or a full sit down meal depending on the time of day and the type of shower you're having.

If you're having the shower at a restaurant, the restaurant personnel will work with you on creating the menu. Choose what type of meal you'd like (buffet or sit-down meal) and work with them to plan the menu to fit your budget.

If you're hosting the baby shower at someone's home you can either make the food yourself or have the shower catered. Check our Baby Shower Food section to help you get ideas or plan your menu. If you decide to have the event catered, your caterer will give you a menu to choose from. Work with them to create a menu to fit your budget and the type of shower you're having.

You should decide if you will be making the cake or if you'll order it. Use your theme as a guide to design the cake. If you order from a baker, let them know what the theme is (or better yet, take in a plate or napkin with the design on it). If you are making the cake yourself look at a few of the Baby Shower Cake Designs for inspiration and an idea of the supplies you'll need.



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