Treating Minor Illnesses With Natural Home Remedies

20-natural-home-remedy-minor-illnessWhen scientists and doctors first began to develop their amazing new treatments for disease we entered a new age. Antibiotics and other medications have kept our children safe for many years, but as science goes on searching and investigating it has begun to find that many of the traditional remedies are not so silly after all.

Now that medicines are loosing their effectiveness due to over-prescription and resistant strains of bacteria, turning to the tried and true remedies of our mother and grandmothers seems like a better idea all the time.

Though we are by no means willing to jettison the stronger medications we have developed, minor childhood injuries and ailments do not need to be treated with a magic bullet. Its like swatting a fly with a hand grenade in some cases. If you're interested in home remedies, consider these items, which you might even have in your kitchen.

* Baking Soda--Baking soda can be used to treat itchy skin conditions like the rashes caused by chicken pox.

* Chamomile--Chamomile tea can be used to sweat out congestion and aches. It is known to be soothing and will promote sleep. Chamomile will also help with itchy skin and rashes.

* Ginger--Ginger can help to calm the digestive system and settle an upset stomach. It can also be used to treat sinus pain and infection, cold and flu symptoms, as well as arthritis pain.

* Honey--Honey has natural antiseptic properties and can be used to treat cuts, scrapes, burns, and sore throats.

* Lemon--Lemon can be used to create a compress that will relive fever and sore throats.

* Salt--Salt can be used as an antihistamine in place of an inhaler during an asthma attack. It can also be mixed into salt water and gargled to relieve a sore throat. It will stop a dry cough and clear the lungs of phlegm and mucus. Salt may also be used as an antiseptic.

* Vinegar--Vinegar can be used to soothe the skin after an insect bite or sunburn. It can be mixed into a cleaning solution to kill bacteria and mold. It can be mixed with honey and heated to treat arthritis or headaches. Vinegar can also be used to help soothe the digestion and function of the gastro intestinal tract. It has even been used as a remedy for hiccups.

In all cases, these remedies should be administered with careful supervision and the advice of your doctor. Failure to do so could be harmful to your health.

Consider creating a little kit consisting of your home remedies for use in the next emergency. Simply gather the items you find most useful together with the measurements and instructions for their use. Place them into a basket or box like a regular emergency kit. Its an instant source of relief in times of illness or injury and it will save you a trip to the doctor in all but the more serious cases of household troubles. Taking the time to learn about home remedies can be truly rewarding.

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