Tackling Your Child's Unhealthy Weight

40-help-kids-lose-weightIf your child is overweight and unhealthy it is imperative that you take corrective action immediately. The consequences of childhood obesity are severe and a child who cannot learn to control their weight with healthy habits of diet and exercise faces innumerable challenges to their continued wellbeing. The current obsession with the way we are eating is nothing in the face of the dangerous habits we are teaching our children.

For the first time in many years, our children are actually facing life expectancies lower than our own. It is simply not an allowable course of events. Change has to come and it has to come at the grassroots level if it is to succeed. We need to change our children's weight issues if we are to change our children's futures.

How Can You Help Your Child Reach A Healthy Weight?

If you are concerned about your child's weight begin by taking him or her to see a doctor. Your child's doctor can help you determine whether there is a problem and if it might have its basis in a medical condition rather than in your child's lifestyle. A little professional advice and reassurance will help you to feel better about the situation.

Once you have determined that the problem lies with diet and exercise, you can begin to think about the changes that you would like to make to your child's life and your own. Do not single your child out as the sole reason for these changes, you do not want to make them feel as though they are being punished. Instead, slowly introduce new foods and healthy levels of activity into the whole family's life and routine. Chances are that each and every one of you will benefit by it.

What Changes to Focus On

Try to keep your program of change gradual and manageable because you will never be able to stick to a lifestyle change if you find inconvenient or overwhelming. Don't punish your child or yourself all the things you enjoy from your diet either, instead look to make changes that push you towards moderation in both diet and exercise. Excise and replace problem foods like refined sugars, flours, and saturated fats.

Stress the powers of fruits and veggies instead. Replace inappropriate snacks and meals with healthier alternatives and invite your child to help you make the necessary changes. If you child gets to help shop for and prepare the food they are eating, then they are more likely to feel engaged with the process and really learn about the proper way to eat healthy. Finally, make sure that your child is getting at least one hour of vigorous activity per day. Sign him or her up for an organized activity and suggest outdoor games for downtime rather than tv, internet, or video games.

If you can plan family time to include enjoyable activities like walking, hiking, biking, or playing sports then so much the better. Your child will be looking healthier in no time.



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