Keep the Kids Moving on Rainy Afternoons

19-indoor-game-ideasWe all know the importance of regular physical activity in our children's lives. It establishes healthy habits while strengthening their growing bodies and, if nothing else, it wears them out so that you can get some sleep yourself. There are times though when getting the proper amount of activity into the day may be difficult. 

This is particularly true in the case of the rainy or snowy day when the kids simply cannot go outside for any length of time. Entertaining active children on this sort of day may require sterner stuff than your average dvd or video game. Fortunately, we have a few suggestions.

Be Prepared

The key to indoor physical activity is the space. There are any number of things your children can do indoors, but if you spend the whole time worried about whether or not they'll break the lamp or the bowl then no one will have any fun. Be prepared for bad weather by knowing where your children can play safely and what they can do. You'll inevitably hear that your children are bored if they are left to their own devices. Don't let them dwell on it. Another benefit to preparing a list of suggests ahead of time is that it lets you stock up on the things that you and your children will need to play these games.

Playing indoors can be a great deal of fun since it provides a break from the basic routine, just don't be slow with a suggestion when it comes time to redirect your children's attention:

* Dancing-Put on your child's favorite music or your own and rock on while you're rocking out.

 * Hide and Seek-This perennial favorite will turn the house into an entirely new place to explore and your children will have fun running in to home base.

* Build A Fort-A little building project can also help you see the old place in new and different ways. Moving furniture and pillows will provide a little work out for your budding architects.

* Indoor Sports-You can do this with soft balls and sports equipment, provided you've chosen an appropriate area of the house. You could also try jump roping or even hula hoping.

* Indoor Games-Many of the games you can play outside can be moved inside with little effort.

* Treasure Hunting-This can get your house turned topsy-turvy, but it will be totally absorbing while your child is searching for treasure.

* Scavenger Hunting-Along the same lines as the previous suggestion, this activity will send your child off on an adventure in your own home.

When you are looking for activities to add to your personal list, focus on options that keep your children excited, motivated, and moving. You don't need to offer electronic entertainment when you and your children can make your own fun.

Or maybe you do: many gaming systems offer programs that are designed to get children up and moving as part of the game. There are dancing games, for example, as well as games that simulate sports.

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