Snow flakes are fun, and except for the paper clippings create little to no mess. Avoid clipping clean up by using a big blanket or table cloth on the floor under the cutting area. Other supplies you will need: scissors for each child and paper white as well as icy blue work well. Take a few moments to show the kids how to fold the paper so they can make snow flakes, then let them go nuts with the scissors.

When all the cutting is done you can use fishing line, or another translucent string, to hang them from the ceiling to create your private indoor snow fall. Tape them to windows and doors to make the look of your winter wonderland just perfect.

Advanced snowflakes 101:  If your crew just won't settle for run of the mill snow flakes, you'll need to add a bit more than paper and scissors to your craft. Using specialty paper from the craft store is a great way to create one of a kind snowflakes. Paint the finished flakes with white glitter glue to add an icy diamond finish to your flakes. Lastly learning how to fold the paper so that the flakes have six or eight points instead of the regular circular or square shaped will make the look just right.



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