Candy Cane Felt Mouse

This is one rodent you will that is welcome at any holiday gathering. Needed supplies are: scissors, black yarn, grey and pink felt, Elmer's glue or hot glue and candy canes.

Cut the body of the mouse from grey felt. The shape should be a tear drop about 3 ½ inches long. You can decide how skinny or fat your mouse is. To avoid wasting felt, make a template on scrap paper. When you get the shape you like cut two pieces of felt for each mouse.

It is easier to glue the body together before you decorate so the next step is gluing. Hot glue is difficult for kids to use, but Elmer's glue will require a long wait until it is dry before you can continue. Choose your favorite sticking medium and glue the body together. Glue all the way around the outside edges leaving a ½ inch opening at the wide end of the rain drop shape.

Once the body is together add yarn whiskers, a pink felt nose and eyes to your mouse. To make the ears cut two grey circles, and two smaller pink circles. Glue the pink felt to the grey felt and cut a slit in both layers. Over lap the edges of the slit to make the ears stand up a bit, then glue the side down. Next glue the ears to the mouse's head.

Finish the little mouse off by adding the tail. Insert the candy cane into the opening you left when you glued the body together. Leave the crooked end of the candy cane out for a curly tail. If the candy cane slides around too much use a bit of double sided tape to tack it down inside.



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