Christmas Pictionary

This is not your run of the mill picture drawing guessing game. The rules are the same, but the medium is different. For this game no paper or pencils are allowed. Instead you get a frosting bag filled with frosting, and several sheets of paper towels, parchment paper, tinfoil or if you really want to get tricky large sugar cookies. All the same rules apply: divide into teams, select a clue and draw it so your team can guess. But you have to do this with frosting. The winners either accrued the most points, or if the game board is being used reached the end the fastest.

Just a word of caution: This game can get very messy, especially in the wrong hands. Adolesent boys, for example may require extra supervision to ensure they don't give into the overwhelming urge to frost their neighbors. To deter extra curricular frosting activities you may want to award bonus points for neatness in frosting use. When all is guessed and done, they can eat the cookies and have a good laugh.



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