Dog Names




Looking for dog names is both fun and serious business. Whether you're looking for male dog names or female dog names, there are many ways to choose the right name for your new dog or puppy.

The dog name you pick reflects just as much about you as it does the dog that's being named. It shows how you picture your dog and how you feel about him or her. Some names can cause reactions in people when they hear them. Dogs who bite are most often named Rocky, according to Health Department records in San Francisco over a three year period of time. Dogs named Max, Mugsy and Zeke were also responsible for a significant portion of the bites.

You want to choose a name that will grow with your puppy; you may love Cuddles for the cute puppy but regret it when your Doberman is big and tough.

Check out the lists of dog names, sorted by everything A to Z lists, color, and gender. Give it some time and you'll find the dog name you love. 


          Male Dog Names

Male Dog Names

Names for Boy Dogs and Puppies


          Female Dog Names

Female Dog Names

Names for Girl Dogs and Puppies


          Big or Little Dog Names

Big or Little Dog Names

Big or Little Dogs Names

          Dog Names by Color

Dog Names by Color

Names for Dogs by Color




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