Homeschooling:  Right Choice For Your Family?

18-benefits-homeschoolingHome schooling is frequently touted these days as an educational solution for parents and children who are unsure about the benefits offered in regular schools. Supporters point to higher test scores and increased academic performance while touting the experience as an opportunity to strengthen family values and ties. Despite this, it can be difficult to know whether or not home schooling is the right educational path to take-not only for your child, but also for yourself.

Home schooling is a massive undertaking in its own right and not all families are suited for it. In addition, it means reinventing the wheel when it comes to education something that is not always necessary. How do you know if you should be home schooling your child? Consider these factors before making your decision.

Home Schooling Requires Incredible Commitment

If you choose to home school your child, you will be making a sacrifice of your family's time and money. To begin with, you will need to be comfortable with one parent's income as the home schooling parent will need to stay home and become primary caregiver to the children. This will mean spending nearly all your time with your child. Not only do you spend all that time together though, you will need to spend all that time turned on and tuned into your child's needs-mental, emotional, physical, and educational.

Focusing on your child's needs will now mean designing and executing a course of study in which you will be responsible for everything including grading. You will need to plan and research an appropriate curriculum for your child. There are resources and support programs designed to help you do this effectively, but at the end of the day you will be doing the heavy lifting here.

That will include the financial heavy lifting, too. You will end up spending money on all sorts of supplies for your child's education. The good news is that the costs will be somewhat less than private school tuition, but remember that home schooling will not reduce the amount of your tax burden when it comes to supporting the public school system either.

Don't provide Everything - Your Child Needs Alone

If you are prepared to make the home schooling commitment, you will still need to think about the logistics of the services that you cannot provide to your child. One of the most recurrent concerns about home schooled children is that they are missing out on the social experiences common to other children in their age group. You will need to arrange for your child to be involved socially in other ways.

There may also be skills you are not equipped to teach yourself. You will want to arrange for your child to get those skills through specialized classes or activities so that they do not miss out on them. These things can benefit you and your child as well by giving you time apart from each other's influences. Just remember to consider your family's needs and abilities carefully when you make the decision whether or not to home school.

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