Halloween Crafts for Kids

Wands at the Ready

This is a fun craft for fans of a certain teenage British wizard. To create the base of the wand use odds and ends of tinker toys, dowels or even a stick. Once the wand shape is chosen let your budding witch decorate it with paint, glitter, ribbons or scraps of cloth.

This is a fun craft to make an all day event. Start the day with a nature walk, during which the perfect wand stick is selected. Come home for hot cocoa, wand decorating and maybe a movie?

Shrunken Heads

This craft combines the harvest fruits of the season with the spooks of Halloween. It is very simple. Start with your favorite variety of apple. Now, stop! No matter how delicious this apple looks, don’t eat it. Use a carving knife (the blunt edged pumpkin carving knives are a safer choice especially for younger kids) and cut pieces of the apple away to create a face. For the best end results fashion your carved face after a plump cheeked person.

Once the apple is carved, either place it in a sunny window or a food dehydrator. It will take 24-48 hours to shrink. Once it does the transformation will be surprising and fun. What once looked like a round cheeked granny now looks like a shriveled hag. Hang these witch apples by their stems in a window or use in a center piece.

Pipe Cleaner Spider

Spiders are spooky, yet cute gather the following supplies: pipe cleaners, black puff balls, hot glue and glue gun. To assemble the spider, size and shape are up to you. You can use one large puff ball, or one large for the body and a smaller for the head. Once you have the body shape you like, use the pipe cleaners to make the legs. For long legged spiders don’t cut the pipe cleaners, just bend them in the middle for knees, and then again about a half inch from the bottom for feet. Use hot glue to attach them to the body. Add accessories like google eyes or a red hour glass are fun. You can go all out by dressing your spider up like a witch, mummy, princess or pirate. My favorite spider is a dead one. Create your post-mortem arachnid by simply making any kind of spider you like then rolling it on its back and then folding the legs back onto themselves and making two ‘x’s’ for the eyes, and perhaps a little red tongue poking out of the mouth or a grave marker.

The list of Halloween crafts for kids by no means ends here. A few more ideas to keep the fun rolling are: paper bag puppets, a Halloween night-scape, a shoe box diorama, shoe box Dracula’s coffin, and dream catcher to ward off bad dreams.


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