Halloween Crafts


Halloween Chain

What you will need:

Black construction paper
Orange construction paper


Step 1: Cut 1-inch wide strips out of the construction paper.

Step 2: Fold one of the orange strips over until the ends touch, and glue in place, forming a circle.

Step 3: Take a black strip and place it through the orange circle. Bend the tips until the ends touch, and glue in place, linking the circles together.

Step 4: Repeat this process until he strips are used up, and the chain is the desired length.


Pumpkin Patch Centerpiece

What you will need:

Tissue paper scraps, or inexpensive white tissue paper, for filling
2 sheets each of orange and dark green tissue paper
2 rubber bands
1 green chenille stem
Black or yellow construction paper
Jack-o-lantern template, optional


Step 1: Make tissue paper pumpkins in various sizes.

Step 2: Print the template, or create one of your own design. A nice touch would be to create several different faces so no two pumpkins are alike.

Step 3: Cut out the template and trace it onto black or yellow construction paper.

Step 4: Glue the faces onto the pumpkins. Omit this step if you prefer plain pumpkins.

Step 5: Group the pumpkins together in the center of your table. You can put them in a basket with a bed of imitation leaves or in a fall floral bouquet.


Scary Balloon Spiders

What you will need:

Two black balloons
Black thread
Black construction paper
White paint


Step 1: Blow up the balloons. Make one smaller then the other; this will be the spider's head.

Step 2: Using the thread, tie the balloons together at the knots, leaving a long end to hang the spider.

Step 3: Cut eight 1-inch wide strips out of the construction paper.

Step 4: Fold the strips back and forth accordion style, and glue one end of each strip to the spider, four on each side.

Step 5: Use the paint to create the spider's face.

Step 6: Allow to dry, and hang.

Note: Hang at the end of the spider's web with the small tissue paper spiders around it to create a spider's den. They also make great party favors for your guests.


Bountiful Mobile

What you will need:

Halloween candy molds
Instant paper mache or polymer clay
Acrylic paints
Small paintbrush
Small wire hooks
Embroidery hoop
White thread


Step 1: Fill candy mold with paper mache or clay and remove just before drying.

Step 2: Insert a small hook in the top of each figure.

Step 3: Let them dry completely.

Step 4: Decorate the figures with the paints.

Step 5: Let them dry completely.

Step 6: Tie the figures to the embroidery hoop at different levels with the thread.


Furry Scaredy Cat

What you will need:

Scaredy cat template
Black construction paper
Black tissue paper
Yellow construction paper, optional
White paper, optional


Step 1: Print the template. A copier can be used to enlarge the template if desired.

Step 2: Place the template over the construction paper and cut through both at the same time.

Step 3: Rip off small pieces of the tissue paper.

Step 4: Bunch up the tissue paper with your fingers and glue onto the cutout.

Step 5: The furry cat can be left as is or you can add eyes.

Step 6: Cut eye shapes out of the yellow paper cut the iris out of the black paper and place a small circle cut from the white paper in the black iris.





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