Halloween Party Games

Relay Races Nimbus Style

For a less blood thirsty crowd Halloween relay races are always fun. Try a twist by adding a broom stick that the players must "ride" through a course. Fans of a certain boy who lived will love this. To really make it a challenge set up a few cones, chairs or other objects to serve as slalom markers. Place a ball at one end and have the teams attempt to ride their brooms while pushing the ball in and out of the course markers.

There are about a zillion ways to modify an ordinary relay to fit Halloween time parties, try having the players race to dress in Halloween costumes, or apply face paints. Maybe have them race to unwrap candy with only their mouth, or while wearing monster claws. Inspiration can come from anything, and kids love relay races so get thinking and come up with an idea or two of your own.

Bean Bag Toss

For younger kids bean bag tosses are great fun. They are easy for you to assemble and cost next to nothing. To make this toss fit for Halloween try painting a huge jack-o-lantern on a big box. The kids can score points by tossing their bean bags through the eyes nose and mouth. Don't have a box? Try tossing bean bags into trick or treating buckets, or witch's cauldrons or actual pumpkin tops.

Witch's Brew

This Halloween party game is not for the faint of heart. Remember gross out fear factor? Well, this is the Halloween party version of it. Spend a few weeks gathering potion ingredients. It is not necessary to make them truly disgusting; the combination of flavors will do that. It is also not needful to get actual hearts, brains or guts. There are loads of candy makers who specialize in the confection equivalent, or you can make them yourself. Brains for example can be made with spaghetti and red jell-o.

Other good ingredients are: gummy rats, worms and snakes. Eyeballs made from ice cream, m&ms and red topping, liver (be sure it is cooked). Even blood can be used. Don't be tempted to use the real thing, triple yuck! You can make your own by using almost any red liquid ketchup and strawberry juice work well. This list goes on and on, anything goes even add a few really yummy things like chocolate sauce or fruit. Place your chosen ingredients out for display and label them. It won't matter if they don't look totally authentic; the labels will drive imagination which is what matters most.

This game is gross, and will most likely appeal to adolescent boys, although anyone could enjoy playing. You can play as teams or individuals. Each brew is concocted of only a few ingredients three to five depending on the variety. Give each team or individual a recipe card (to write down what they used in their brew) and a time limit. Once the brews are complete switch, blend and drink! In this game only the ones who don't finish lose. (or maybe they actually will!)

A Bowl Full of Jelly Beans

If the idea of witch's brew seems fun, but the game listed above makes your blood run cold, there is another way. Try a jelly bean eating contest. Using Jelly Belly brand beans, or their specialty product, Bertie Bott's every Flavor Bean, this game is easy. Each team selects a jelly bean for their opponents to eat. If they refuse, the other team gets the points.

Kick it up to level by adding a quiz show element to it. A Family Feud set up would be very successful. The questions of course should be Halloween in theme, and can be made up or borrowed from any number of quiz game websites. If the team doesn't get all the answers they must eat the jelly beans of the other team's choosing. Winners are determined by the points.

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