Halloween Party Games

Grave Yard Scavenger Hunt

Answering trivia questions and eating potentially ear wax flavored candy not really your idea of a good time? Then maybe something much more elementally Halloween is for you. Try a grave yard scavenger hunt. Be sure to get permission from the cemetery care takers, and instruct your party goers to respect the dwellings of the dearly departed. Making the list is easy; a few days prior to your party (and in the day light hours) visit the cemetery of your choice and gather clues or interesting facts from head stones, and memorial markers.

For example if you find a head stone marking John Smith died in the Civil War, a clue on the scavenger hunt form could be: What is the name of the man who lived from 1843-1863, and died as a solder in the Civil War. Try to gather about 15-30 clues, be sure to record the answers and make note of approximate location. On the night of the party take your grave robbers to the cemetery after dark, split into teams and set them loose. This is an unusual party game, but definitely Halloween in every detail.

Pin the Wart on the Witch

A spin off of pin the tail on the donkey makes a fun Halloween party game. In this version, kids pin the wart on the witch's nose. Draw a witch on posterboard. With play dough, make "warts" for each child to try to attach to the witch. Make wart sized lumps out of green play-dough, then blindfold each child. They should try attach a wart on the witch's face as close to her nose as possible.

Old-Fashioned Apple Bobbing

Apple bobbing is a great Halloween party game. Place apples in a bowl of water. Each player must try to get an apple with their teeth while their hands are held behind their backs. Another version is to hang apples on string and have the participants try to bite the apple without touching it.

Bandage the Mummy

In this Halloween party game you use rolls of toilet paper and see which team can wrap up their partner the fastest.

No matter what Halloween party game you choose, you can't lose with all the pomp of Halloween costumes and free candy as your back drop! Just let your hair down and have a good time, and party until the vampires flee from the crack of dawn.


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