Homemade Halloween Costumes



Children everywhere love the movie Ratatouille. There are two very easy costumes from this movie that you and your child can create. For the rodent star you can use the face paints to make a nose and whiskers, complete the look with grey sweats. For the little rat hands use pink or white gloves. What rat would be complete without a tail? This is not a problem, to create a tail use a bit of rope. Tie a knot near the end and fray it just a little.

Ears are also necessary. With the use of a headband, a bit of heavy construction paper this is not a problem. Cut two circles out of grey paper and two smaller ones from pink. Glue the pink circles inside the grey ones. To create a bit of three dimension shape, cut a slit to the center and then over lap the ends and glue them in place. Attach the ears to the head band using duct tape (it’s grey and very strong) or hot glue. Other animal costumes are just as easily created. Using face paints, and clothing colored like the animal’s coat you can create almost any animal. Stripes and spots are easily added with a bit of scrap fabric and a needle. If you don’t sew, you can still add those using safety pins of fabric paints.

Top Chef

If you or your child doesn’t fancy the idea of being vermin for Halloween then try the chef! A pair of over sized pants, a white shirt and an apron should not be difficult to dig up. What might be trickier, but essential is a chef’s hat. If you are handy with a sewing machine you can whip one up easily enough. But there are also other options. Most party stores sell an inexpensive paper chef’s hat that will be fabulous. Load the apron pockets with a whisk and ladle, smear the apron with tomato sauce and dust the nose and cheeks lightly with flour and your little one is ready with a four star costume.

Scary Skeleton

Who wouldn’t like to have a skeleton or two in their closet? Not the deep dark family secrets, but a skeleton costume. Start with your basic black sweat suit, and add the bones. You can do this by cutting bones from poster paper and pasting them on with fabric glue. For a more sturdy costume use fabric paint or sew on the bones with a needle and tread. For the face add liberal amounts of white paint and a bit of black for the eyes, nose and mouth. Hide the hair by flattening it to the head with loads of hairspray, for long hair a tight bun will help. Once the hair is properly plastered, use a white colored hairspray to tint it white. For a bit of fun and safely, use glow in the dark paints on the bones.

With a bit of creativity you can create a wonderful and creative homemade Halloween costume, and have a ton of fun doing it. You and your child will have so much fun it might be the start of a new family tradition!


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