Homeschool Curriculum

Many people think a homeschool curriculum is just a prepackaged bundle of materials that you teach to your child. That couldn't be further from the truth. A homeschool curriculum, like any school curriculum, consists of the objectives and topics that are expected to be taught and learned during the time period and/or subject area being taught. Materials and lesson plans are the tools used to teach the curriculum. If you keep this in mind, you can see the true flexibility of a home school curriculum.

The prepackaged bundle of home school materials can be great for parents just beginning to embark on the homeschool journey. They contain all the lessons plans and materials needed to teach a particular subject or grade level. If you give the lessons to your children, then your children can learn the lesson and you can personally see your child's advancement. Good curriculum materials will keep your child's interest in the subject.

A prepackaged homeschool curriculum is a good way to teach your kids, but it still resembles the cookie cutter approach of traditional public school education. Using the curriculum as a guide, some parents have expanded upon the curriculum so that it can include many different learning experiences. Instead of being cookie cutter approach to education, the learning can be deeper and with more meaning.   

An example might be in a math lesson. The parents can give the prepackaged lesson on addition, but then take their child outside. Have them add together things outside like leaves or flowers. If your child has a lesson about history, take them to a museum to discuss what they learned in the book. All of this is very powerful and shows why a homeschool curriculum can be much more powerful than a typical public school curriculum.




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