The Five Senses: Activities For Kids

Activities that teach sensory developmentYoung children have a lot to learn and discover.  As they grow up, they learn about the world and everything around them with bright and wondering eyes.  Every day, they are learning about things by the five senses.  They taste new foods for the first time, hear noises from the kitchen and smell newly cut grass from outside.
Their development relies heavily on the senses.  Without these senses, children wouldn’t be able to recognize what things were.  Parents can assist their children by engaging them in activities that teach about the five senses.  The more children can identify, the more colorful their lives will be.

The following list of activities will enhance a child’s sensory development.  It is beneficial for a child to experience all the wonderful things in their lives through the senses of sight, hearing, touch, smell and taste.

Taste test

You’ve seen people do this on TV.  Try putting a blindfold on your child and perform a basic taste test.  Spoon a few different things into your child’s mouth.  Try to think of your child’s favorite foods and avoid surprising him or her by feeding spicy or not so satisfying foods.

Name that sound

You can try blindfolding your child again for this one.  Grab random items around the house such as a bell, a music box or a rattle.  See if your child can guess what makes these noises.

People and nature watching

This is a fun outdoor activity.  Take your child to a restaurant that has an outdoor patio or sit on a bench in a public place.  Point at different objects such as trees and cars and ask your child what they are.  For fun, observe the people passing by and ask your child questions about what they are wearing or what color their hair is.

Soft or hard

Grab random items from around your house such as your child’s stuffed animals, books, clothes or knick-knacks.  Place these items on a table in front of your child.  Point to each item, and ask your child what each item feels like.  Help him or her know what the difference is between hard and soft.

Smell this

Take your child around your home and point out different things that have distinct smells.  You can tour the kitchen and have your child smell different fruits.  Having your child smell different shampoos and lotions can introduce him or her to different types of smells as well.  But don’t just limit this activity to just items in the house; take your child outside and go smell the roses and fresh cut grass, too!

At the movies

Look for a kid-friendly movie and take your child.  Movie theaters are full of different sights, smells and sounds.  By watching a movie, your child can smell popcorn, watch a movie, see various audience members and taste yummy food from the concession as well.


Going to a game of any sport is like the movie-going experience.  At a game, a child can observe all of the senses.





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