16 Ways to Save


16 Ways to Save Money


Produce – Try out ethnic grocery stores for items like avocados, mangoes, and limes. Save 10 to 15% by sticking with in season fruits and vegetables.

Milk – For your basic gallon of milk, try chain pharmacies like RiteAid or CVS to save up to 20% on a gallon.

Cereal – Only buy when it is on sale, for example 2 for $6 versus paying $5 something a box.

Baked Goods – Shop the bakery near closing time to find discounted products.

Yogurt – Instead of purchasing individual servings make your own out of the larger 32 ounce containers.

Eat Less Meat – Eliminate one or two pounds of meat from your diet by replacing those dinners with whole grains and beans for a savings of over $30 a month.


Pet Food – Amazon.com’s subscribe and save service ships to your door on a schedule of your choosing and you can often save 15% plus free shipping. Depending on the brand try stores like Costco or Sam’s next.

Paper Products – Shop near the 1st or 15th of each month when many supermarkets discount paper products by 20 to 40% or check out mass retailers like Sam’s and Target which tend to charge 8 to 10% less every day.

Batteries – Use rechargeable ones. Amazon basics in AA have worked amazingly in our house.

Laundry– Make your own detergent. Not your style? Choose the powdered version (if your machine allows) over the liquid and you’ll save 10%. Wash everything in cold and air-dry if possible for even more savings.

Diapers – Find deep discounts on Amazon’s Warehouse Deals department, the boxes may be damaged but the product is always fine. Subscribe and Save is also a good option for diapers with automatic delivery. Target is another place that often offers gift cards when you purchase 2 boxes at a time.

Postage – Switch to bill pay and eliminate mailing costs altogether.

Unplug Electronics – Unplug anything not in use to save about $100 a year.


Discounted Gift Cards – Go to websites like GiftCardGranny.com and purchase cards from stores you tend to shop most for as much as 35% off their stated value.


DVDs and Video Games – Use apps like ShopSavvy to find the best deal, you can typically save more buying in-store versus online.

Movies – Look for free screenings of major releases on GoFoBo.com or go to a matinee show.


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