Back to School

Making Back to School Memories

Ah, it’s that time of year again where moms are pulling their hair out or jumping with joy. Back to school time! If you're like many moms, you probably have a lot to do to prepare the kids for their first day. This year, skip the dye job from the school prep gray hairs and work with this plan:  


If you have more than one child, consider shopping for one child at a time. There is nothing worse than making your little boy sit and wait while his sister tries on outfit after outfit, or the other way around. Children tend to behave better when they have one on one time.

Have a budget in mind for what you want to spend on each child. Budgets keep you from going overboard on school supplies and outfits. Coming home and realizing you spent an outrageous amount of money on back to school shopping is never a good way to start the year.  

Sit down with each child and figure out what they are going to need for school. Make a list of supplies and also the clothes they are going to need before setting foot into a store. Many schools either send a list that your child's teacher needs for the classroom or they post it online on the school website. Lists are your friend this time of year.  

Stock up on school supplies as early as possible. If you wait for the last minute many stores may be out of stock by the time you get there.  

Get the kids back on a school schedule earlier than the first day. You’ll end up with lots of tears and stress if you wait to try getting summer night owls to bed at a decent time the night before school starts. Start getting them used to the new schedule at least a week before school starts.  

To ease fears and anxiety, schedule time to meet the teachers before the first day of school. Your kids will feel more at ease, the teacher will know more about your child when you meet them directly, and first-day jitters will be alleviated for the most part.  

The days are long but the years go by fast, so make sure you all take time to enjoy this yearly ritual. Celebrate the first day of school with a treat or special activity once the kids come home. You'll all remember school days with fond memories when you start off relaxed and ready.  


Basic School Supplies List

No. 2 pencils

Colored pencils

Ballpoint pens (usually for older grades)

Highlighters (usually older grades, 5-12)

Small hand-held pencil sharpener

An eraser (one with a pencil side and a pen side, or two erasers for pencil and pen)

Colored markers


Glue sticks and a bottle of white school glue

Scissors (blunt or pointed depending on your child's age)

Spiral-bound notebooks (one for each subject)

Composition notebooks

A three-ring binder

Loose-leaf notebook paper

Pocket folders

Backpack (make sure the shoulders are padded, especially for older kids carrying books between classes)









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