Interview Questions


Interview Questions to Ask Prospective Babysitters or Nannies

Selecting a childcare provider is a stressful job. You may feel like you can’t clone yourself, therefore, no one will be able to do the perfect job of watching your little angels. Perhaps family and friends aren’t an option and daycare centers aren’t in your budget. That leaves you with hiring a stranger to watch your child. Here is a list of some questions to get you started on selecting the best person for the job.

Good Feeler Questions:

What do you enjoy most about working with children?

Why did you choose working in a private home versus a center?

What was your best day in childcare? Your worst?

What is your favorite age group to work with and why?

What is your parenting philosophy?

What methods of discipline do you use?

What would a typical day caring for children be like? What kind of activities do you typically do with children the ages of mine?

What are your opinions on tv and screen time?

What do kids like best about you?

How would you handle a baby that is crying inconsolably?

Qualification Questions:

Are you available to work the hours that I am needing childcare? What type of things would cause you to call off?

Are you CPR and first aid certified? If not would you be willing to get certified?

Are you up-to-date on your immunizations? Would you be willing to get Tdap (whooping cough) vaccine?

What experience do you have with children? What was your last childcare experience like? Why did you leave?

What is your education background in? Do you have any childcare credentials or certifications?

What is your salary range?

Personal Questions:

Do you drive? Do you have a reliable vehicle? Can I check your driving background?

Will you submit to a background check? Would you be willing to let us look at your facebook page?

Are you a member of any professional organizations?

How long are you planning to stay at your next job? Are you willing to make a one year commitment?

What is your relationship with your family like? What did you parents do when you didn’t finish your dinner?

Who do you spend most of your spare time with?
How do people describe you?
Do you have any special skills?
Do you have any habits I should know about? Do you have any habits that may negatively influence my children?
What do you do for fun?

Job-Specific Questions:

When are you available to start?

Are you flexible with scheduling?

Are you taking any vacations? When are you planning on leaving?

Would you be interested in picking up additional hours for additional pay?

Would you be willing to travel with our family?

Are you willing to do any light housework?

Can you prepare meals for the children, when necessary?

Do you like to develop a schedule for the children? Would you describe yourself as structured?

 How do you handle temper tantrums?

 Are you willing to take my children to age-appropriate activities and outings?

 Can I have contact information for three references?






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