Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

Volunteer Appreciation Gifts


Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

Volunteer Appreciation Gifts

Volunteers are a dying breed. In the go-go-go that is the daily life of most people, most of us are not volunteering off any of our free time. But those individuals that are, greatly deserve some recognition for their generosity and devotion.

We are very fortunate in having found a wonderful church to attend. For a smaller organization they provide so many opportunities for our us and our children to learn. One thing that has recently started is a young families meeting. We gather as families to enjoy a potluck dinner that everyone provides for. Then the parents attend a meeting where we watch a video and have a discussion. We have a rowdy group of energetic kiddos and without the volunteers that come to watch them, we would never get to enjoy the video and discussion. Once a month, those fabulous volunteers come on their Saturday evening to help us out. I decided they definitely deserve a little extra gratitude.

I'm a TJ Maxx-lover. I started there to browse their selections and found these awesome mason jar hand soaps. They looked and smelled great and there were just enough on the shelf for me to snatch them up. At $4 each, I consider that pretty inexpensive. But for a larger group of volunteers, or if that really isn't in your budget, I've recently noticed Jo Ann Fabric stores have $1 soap and lotions in various scents that you could go with as well. Then I just grabbed some cute scrapbook paper (construction paper would work find too!) and traced my eager 3 year old's hand to make a little folding card, tied it up with some leftover twine (yarn, ribbon, string, anything would work), and gifted them to our amazing volunteers. Thanks again!





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