Mother's Day Gifts

Mothers Day Gifts

When it comes to Mother's Day gifts, some people are easier to shop for than others. Moms it seems can pose a tough gift giving problem. There’s Christmas and her birthday to shop for, by the time Mother’s Day rolls around all the good ideas can be tapped out. What do you get for mom that says: Mom, I love and appreciate you which isn’t made of paper by Hallmark?

Keep it simple. You know your mom pretty well. Moms don’t want the gift portion of Mother’s Day to stressful for her family. It is not rocket science, and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Bubble bath is a great gift. Moms like a bit of pampering and seldom take the time to do it for themselves. Shopping for bubble bath is fun. The kids love to smell every bottle the store has to offer and if mom ends up with a pink bottle of Princess bubble bath she will know how much thought was put into the gift. If you want to avoid princess, or Jedi products head to a store which stocks bubble bath geared more to moms.

Pair that bubble bath with a nice bottle of lotion. Avoid the utilitarian lotions. Make it really special by letting beauty and fragrance be your main goal. Moms like to feel pretty, but often sacrifice to beauty to practicality. Flowery lotion is a luxury because kids and husbands usually don’t want to smell like mom. Show mom you love her by giving her a gift that makes her fell pretty.

Say it with money. Not exactly money, few Moms would appreciate being given a pile of cash for Mother’s Day, but there is a way to put your money where your love is. Gift certificates for things that just say Mom will always be appreciated. Does your mom have acrylic nails or enjoy a pedicure? Find out where she goes and buy a gift certificate. This is true for Mom’s favorite hair salon.

Mom would be sure to love a gift certificate for a massage. Is there a restaurant she likes? Give her a card good for dinner or lunch on you, and in your company. Find out what Mom’s favorite bakery is and get her a treat with a gift certificate so she can visit again and get more.

Some moms are gadget people. What gadget does she need? You may need to do a bit of sleuth work to determine that but it is easily carried out. If your mom is a great cook listen to her as she prepares a meal. She will mention something she wished she had. Other gadgets include techy-toys, camping items, GPS, songs for her MP3 player and on and on.

Is she a gardener? Head to the garden department and pick out a pot, a new pair of pretty gloves or a pony-pack of flowers.

Perhaps the best mother’s day gift of them all is pictures of the kids. This is a great gift for everyone. Moms and grandparents always like to receive photos of those cute faces. Mom will like not having to be the one to make the trip to the photo shop. You will be able to cross many gifts off the list with one stop: moms and grandmas alike will appreciate this gift.






Mother's Day Activities

Mothers Day Activities

What can you do all day, when its Mom’s day off? These Mother's Day activities can help you out.

Mother’s Day begins the same in houses from coast to coast. The early morning light finds befuddled dads and sleepy-eyed children in the kitchen creating a culinary delight with varying degrees of expertise for mom’s morning delight. When the meal has been properly garnished it is presented to mom in bed. Gifts are exchanged and then what? What do you do with the remainder of the day?

There are many things that can be done to make mom’s day last the beyond the morning hours and generate some fun for all.


If the day is nice, get out there and have a picnic. Mom isn’t going to care about fancy foods, but she will love having her whole family together for the day. Picnics are easy, no fuss outings. Find a park, a river bank or a grassy patch off the beaten path spread the blanket and relax. Bring a ball or Frisbee to keep the fun going.


If your mom isn’t the outdoor sort, why not plan a pampering day for mom? The girls can give mom a makeover. Most teenage daughters are itching to get their hands on mom and update her look Mother’s Day is a great excuse.

Treat mom to a manicure and pedicure; have at her hair pampering her with a neck and scalp massage while you’re at it. Try new shades of lipstick, and eye shadow just have fun doing girlie things with mom. The day spend giggling between curls and cuticles is bound to live in memory for years to come.


Mother’s Day with extended family can difficult. How do you properly honor mom, when there are several in line to be honored? There is a simple answer: host a Mother’s Day potluck. Let Dad spearhead the and possibly even host the Mother’s Day potluck at Grandma’s house.

Each family is to bring a dish to share, but it comes with stipulations. First all moms need do is show up, that’s it. The food gracing the table should be made entirely by someone else. The second requirement is that the food be one of Mom’s favorites. The meal is sometimes interesting, when the moms all choose a desert of some type rather than a veggie dish.

Mother’s Day only comes once a year, and if dinner is comprised of chocolate in 7 forms, so be it. The moms love it because they get to pass the day visiting, while dads and kids cook and clean. The kids like it because they get to play with cousins and visit Grandma’s house.


Mother’s day can also be game day. Spending a few precious moments just playing together with the kids are treasure, yet they seem too few and far between. Why not spend Mother’s Day playing together? Mother's Day activities made up of simple play are an important way to honor mom and enjoy the post-breakfast hours of Mother’s Day.






History of Mother's Day

Mothers Day HistoryMother's Day is celebrated around the world, but where did it begin?

It is nice to note that some traditions in our modern world remain simple and intact centering on the family. Mother’s Day is one such tradition, yet its observance in the form we know it today is a relatively modern innovation.

The Earliest Celebrations

Mothers and motherhood has always been a cause for celebration, but the earliest recorded festivities celebrating motherhood was aimed at deity, mothers of merely mortal origins were honored as a byproduct.

The Greek Goddess, Cybele who was the mother of many of the Grecian Gods, was honored in ancient Greece by festivals and feasts. This is generally thought to be the first of any celebrations featuring motherhood at its heart. Parties of ancient date for other Mother Goddesses were held in Rome, and in most of Asia Minor. Even though these early celebrations were held for deity, earthly mothers were generally treated to flowers or other simple tokens as a part of the celebrations.

Celebrating Mother More Recently

Celebrations of more recent date are the United Kingdom’s observance of Mothering Sunday. This is a tradition dating back to the 16th century. During lent, on the fourth Sunday, children would return home to attend Sunday church services with their mothers. It is speculated that this tradition was of enough importance that the masters of apprentices and maidservants were obliged to allow leave for them to visit mothers even at a distance.

This traditional holiday is still in force, but the mode of celebration is different and is it no longer of such significant importance. This decline in popularity could be due in part to the proliferation of differing religious denominations. Lent is no longer widely celebrated, thus many of the traditions tied to it have gone by the wayside.

Modern Mother’s Day

The modern celebration of Mother’s Day on the second Sunday in May began in 1912 with Anna Jarvis. At this time she launched her campaign to champion a holiday not just celebrating mothers or motherhood generally. It was in 1912 that Anna Jarvis established the Mother's Day International Association, and set the date of the second Sunday in May for Mother’s Day.

Ms. Jarvis was adamant about this celebration being for one mother, your mother or the mother of your family singular, not a celebration for mothers in general. This idea of honoring your mom among moms has taken off. Originally the US was unique in the holiday. Now most countries of the world have adopted the second Sunday of May as a national holiday just for Mom.






Homemade Mother's Day Gifts

Homemade Mothers Day GiftsOur homemade Mother's Day gifts are the stuff of tearful thank you’s and fond memories.

The question of what to give Mom for Mother’s day is always a bit perplexing. What can you get her that isn’t a cliché, an obvious last minute desperation gift? Everyone wants Mom to feel special on the one day a year set aside to honor and paper her. It is little wonder this gift is under so much pressure.

Homemade gifts are the best, really. Many moms still have the little plaster handprints their kids made for them in pre-school, Their moms still have the card they made for her with their dimpled pre-school hand prints and scrawled poem. Homemade gifts become more precious as the years pass, and children grow.

To that end, here are some wonderful ideas for Mom this year that you can make for yourself….they work great for grandmas too!


There are about a million ways to give handprints to Mom. A few of my favorite include the time tested plaster handprint. A new and ultra-cute spin on this is the garden stepping stone. To make these you will need disposable aluminum pie plates, or 9x9 pans, water, decorations and a bag of cement mix.

1. Mix the cement according to directions
2. Pour the cement into the disposable pan, and quickly press the hands or feet of your gift giver into the wet cement.
3. Lastly, decorate!

Glass beads, buttons, broken tiles (like mosaic pieces), seashells and colored eggshells all work to make these garden stones pretty and fun. Kids love this project…Who doesn’t love the idea of putting their hands, feet and initials in wet cement?

Breakfast in Bed:

This is a time tested Mother’s Day favorite, but why not kick it up a notch? Give mom the gift of home cooking. Trust me it will really be a hit, after all one of the most stressing points of Mom’s day is ‘what’s for dinner’. Send mom out of the house for an afternoon, gather the kids hang an apron around their necks and get cooking.

There are a number of meals that freeze very well. Cook and freeze a dozen or so of these meals. The kids love to cook, will learn a bit and dinner time complaints are minimized because of the hands on help given by the children. On Mothers Day, hand mom a menu displaying all of the ready made dinners all cooked on her behalf by the children.

Scrapbooks for Mom:

Instead of making a traditional scrapbook; create a wearable, huggable or snuggle-able scrapbook. These are easily created thanks to iron on photo technology. Any office supply or craft store will have iron on transfer paper in stock year round. You use your computer to print photos on this paper then transfer them to a blanket, t-shirt or pillow case.

Other make at home ideas:

Grow a cutting garden in a small container or planter box; coupons from the kids for massages, chores or services; decoupage picture frames and other arts; a picture book written and illustrated by the kids. Get creative and make it for mom, she’s sure to love it. Homemade Mother's Day gifts are always a sure winner!






Mother's Day Recipes

Mothers Day Recipes