Chronic Pain

What is chronic pain? Almost everyone has heard the term; however understanding whether or not they suffer from it is a different story. Chronic pain is persistent, nonstop pain. Those that suffer from a chronic type of pain usually experience it all the time. They don’t have the type of pain that flares up and goes away. And usually they will always need the treatments throughout their lives in order to cope with the basic circumstances of life.

Where It Starts And What It Feels Like

Obviously, chronic pain is not specific to any area of the body. Chronic pain can start anywhere in the body. It generally feels duller and achier, as opposed to the immediate, stabbing pains that are sometimes felt in an injury situation. However, some forms of chronic pain can be sharper and more stabbing. It mostly depends on the kind of injury, disease, or condition that's causing the chronic pain.

Another unfortunate thing is that chronic pain can be in only one spot, or it can be spread throughout the entire body – and it doesn't go away. If a person has a widespread, chronic pain condition, it can really wear him or her down when it comes to everyday life and activities, including those that are centered around both work and family life.

Common Causes And Conditions of Chronic Pain

There are several causes for chronic pain, and the most common ones will be discussed here. This should be a guide to individuals that feel that they are constantly in pain. It will allow them to determine whether or not chronic pain is a problem they suffer from.

• Old Injuries – when a person gets injured, things don't always heal up just the way they were supposed to. Even when they do heal correctly, sometimes pain remains because of the damage that was done. This is most common with joint injuries, but any type of serious injury can result in chronic pain that may last weeks, months, or for a lifetime.
• Arthritis – when people have arthritis they often have stiffness and pain in their joints. It can be just one joint, a group of them, or all of them. This pain doesn't usually go away, and it can hurt even when the person isn't using the joint. Moving the joint and trying to use it can make the pain worse, and make it hard to perform normal tasks.
• Fibromyalgia – thought to be caused by a nervous system sensitivity, fibromyalgia can cause widespread, chronic pain throughout the entire body. It's very difficult to deal with because it's hard to treat, and the constant pain makes it difficult for the sufferer to function normally.
• Depression – even though most people think of depression as a mental or emotional illness, it has a lot of physical symptoms. Chronic pain and fatigue is one of those symptoms. People with depression often experience muscle aches and pains that aren't seemingly related to anything physical, but the pain and discomfort are very real to them.
• Years of poor posture – this can lead to severe pain in many individuals, especially in the back area.
• Improper lifting – individuals that do not lift items properly or take caution when they are physically active may subject themselves to chronic pain.
• Weight – those who are overweight are more at risk for the development of chronic pain. The extra weight they carry puts more strain on their back and knees.
• Curvature Of The Spine – this is a congenital condition. However, those that suffer from it will experience severe, traumatic pain that is constant.
• Traumatic Injury – often traumatic injuries can result in traumatic pain.
• High heels – shoes without the proper support can result in chronic pain in the foot area.
• Poor Mattress – a poor mattress could lead to chronic back pain.

Common Treatment Options for Chronic Pain

When it comes to treating chronic pain, there are few ways to do so. It is important to work to treat the pain. Leaving it alone could make it worse or simply make a person’s life miserable. Also, if the person knows what causes the pain, treating the cause may help alleviate some of the discomfort.

• Over-the-counter pain medication is taken by a lot of people who have things like mild arthritis or residual pain from an injury, as long as the pain isn't severe.
• Prescription medication is often used by people who have fibromyalgia, depression, severe arthritis, or a lot of pain from a past injury. It can help them to function more normally because their body hurts less.
• Herbs and natural remedies are becoming more popular because they're believed to have fewer side effects. It's still important to be careful with them, though, and ask the doctor about contraindications with any medications that are being taken.
• Visiting a pain specialist can help many individuals determine the correct treatment remedy for their chronic pain. Often it varies for each condition and each person.
• Anti-depressants actually help some people to decrease their chronic pain. These medications are used by a variety of individual and can be beneficial.
• Radiofrequency ablation is a popular oupatient procedure that helps patients deal with nerve issues. It is a procedure that is conducted under guided professionals.
• Trigger Point Injections are often given to the area where the chronic pain is felt to help manage the pain and eliminate it.
• Pain pacemakers are a technique for spinal cord stimulation. This pacemaker is implanted in the body, allowing it to send electrical signals to the nerves. It helps to block and relieve pain.

Holistic Approach

In addition, there are several natural remedies that could heal the pain or at least minimize it. It is important to try some of these options or combine them with the medicines that are already being used to eliminate the pain.

• Mind-Body therapies are a great treatment to help the mind and body function properly together. There are various approaches to this therapy. Some involves relaxation techniques, meditation, guided imagery, biofeedback, or hypnosis. The goal is to reduce and eliminate pain from chronic injuries.
• Acupuncture is one of the main forms of treatment for chronic pain. Many Chinese doctors believe that chronic pain is a result of an imbalance of energy in the body. Therefore, the needles help create balance in the body and reduce pain.
• Chiropractic treatments and massages are great for people with chronic back pain. In fact, it is the most popular form of non-surgical back treatment.
• Therapeutic touch and reiki healing are thought to activate healing in the body, thus reducing pain. These energy based techniques are very popular.
• Changing the dietary fat intake or consuming more plant foods can eliminate pain.

When To See A Doctor for Chronic Pain

In certain instances of chronic pain, a doctor will be particularly helpful. It is important to evaluate the pain symptoms and determine whether or not a doctor is important to help with the pain. However, for many individuals doctors are very beneficial. Here are some suggestions to help individuals understand when to call a doctor concerning their chronic pain.

• A doctor should evaluate chronic pain that has lasted more than 3 months for no specific reason.
• Call the doctor if in addition to depression, feelings of depression is common. Normal activities may not seem as fun. And many people start to feel down.
• It is important to see the doctor if sleep is interrupted because of the pain.
• Talk to the doctor if an illness or injury healed, but the pain is still lingering.
• Lastly, see a doctor if a family member of friend seems to be suffering from chronic pain. The doctor can provide information that may be beneficial.

Managing Chronic Pain

Coping with chronic pain can be difficult because it is constant. It is important to turn to a pain management expert. Listen to the expert. He or she might be able provide advice that will be beneficial to you. Also, take advantage of various remedies that could benefit you in addition to medicine. The more you do for your pain, the better.

Next, learning to live with pain might be important. Learn how to minimize it. Then, deal with the pain that flares up from time to time. Sometimes it is important to accept that life is not perfect. Although, individuals should not overdo it with the painkiller, they should also not avoid the pain that is causing them harm. Learn when to do something about the pain and what to do. This will allow it to be a pain that doesn’t hinder daily activities.

Lastly, keep an optimistic outlook. The energy in a person’s body can affect the overall symptoms of their pain. Therefore, the more positive a person is, the less likely they are to experience increased amounts of pain. Unfortunately, worrying about pain could make it worse than it already is. Therefore, try to forget about it and worry about the areas of life that can be controlled. This is a healthy way to view life.

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