Pregnancy Weight Gain?

There are so many things to think about when you are pregnant and one of the questions asked most often is "How much weight should I gain? What is a safe weight gain?" Read on for the answers

Pregnancy Weight Gain

How Much Weight Should I Gain?

One thing is will gain weight during pregnancy. It is necessary for your baby’s growth and development. How much weight you gain is going to be a factor in how easy it will be to take the pounds off after the baby is born. The following are some general guidelines for pregnancy weight gain:

If you aresomewhat underweight, your total recommended weight gain should be about 28-40 pounds.

If you fall into the normal weight category, your recommended weight gain should be about 25-35 pounds.

If you are somewhat overweight your weight gain may fall into the 15-25 pound range.

If you are obese, your range of weight gain may be about 15 pounds.

If you are pregnant with more than one child, your weight gain will be more.

For those that suffer from morning sickness it is a good thing to know that not much weight needs to be gained during the first trimester. If you are starting out at healthy weight, your calorie intake should increase by 150- 200 calories. That doesn’t necessarily mean potato chip and candy bar calories. It means healthy calories from fruit, veggies, and dairy products such as low fat yogurt.

Starting Out Underweight

If you started out your pregnancy underweight, your daily calorie intake may need to be increased by 300-500 calories. You will need the extra weight to prevent your baby from being born earlier than the due date.

Starting Out Overweight

Being overweight before your pregnancy can bring on some health issues such as high blood pressure or gestational diabetes. But going on a diet now is not an option. You will need to gain a little extra weight or your body may start to break down its own storage of fat and create substances called ketones, which can be very harmful to the baby.

Where Pregnancy Weight Comes From

If  your baby weights around 7-8 pounds, below is the breakdown of where your pregnancy weight is coming from :

* Baby = 7-8 pounds
* Increased breast size = 1-3 pounds
* Increase is uterus = 2 pounds
* Placenta = 1-2 pounds
* Fluid surrounding baby = 2 pounds
* Increase in blood supply = 3- pounds
* Fluid build up = 2-3 pounds
* Storage of fat = 6-8 pounds

You would end up with a total of 24-32 pounds weight gain during your pregnancy

Your doctor will monitor your weight during your pregnancy, and you can do your part by eating healthy and exercising. Give your baby the best possible start by taking care of your body which is their nine month home!



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