Post Birth Recovery: 5 Keys to Losing the Weight Quickly

Lose weight fast after giving birthOne of the most anticipated elements of post birth recovery, other than baby of course, is the return to a pre-pregnancy size and shape.  After months of packing on the pounds, now it is time to become a skinny little mama with a chubby baby.  Unfortunately, many woman find that losing that pregnancy weight is not nearly as easy as putting it on! 


Getting a few tricks of the weight loss trade under your belt will help to rid your waistline of those not so desirable inches.  Winning the battle against those last 5 pregnancy pounds does not have to go on forever with your goal just out of reach. 

Find out how to get back into those “skinny” clothes in no time!

Caloric Needs

During the post birth recovery phase breastfeeding moms need to consume about 500 calories above and beyond the healthy average of 2,000 RDA to sustain breast milk production.

This means new moms who choose to nurse need to eat about 2500 calories each day.  Of course the source of the calories matters.  Eating nothing but donuts while staying within the prescribed caloric limit will not lead to successful weight loss. 

Remember, when breastfeeding, mom is still very much eating for two.  Giving baby the best possible meal goes hand in hand with tummy slimming menus rich in veggies, fruits and whole grains.

Fat Stores

One would think that the fat stores are the enemy, but this is not so.  Much of the post birth recovery frustration centered on failed or slow weight loss has less to do with the fat stores themselves rather then diet, exercise and the new stresses of daily life

One aspect behind increased fat stores and frustrated weight loss is tied to postpartum issues, however.  The body will maintain a certain level of fat stores just to ensure breast milk supply needs are met.  While the body is playing Ebenezer Scrooge with its stores of fat it is very difficult to loose weight.

The good news is that as soon as the body deems the extra fat no longer necessary it is shed at a rapid pace.

Avoid Stress

Stress adds to the negative hormonal cocktail within the body which triggers fat storage.  Additionally, stress also triggers comfort eating, which rarely consists of diet fare.  This is the perfect combination for a weight increase, not a loss.


Breastfeeding can help moms lose weight quickly, so long as they stick with it long enough to trigger the fat ejection reaction.   Ceasing breastfeeding before the body has decided it is ready to delete extra fat supplies will make the weight loss process take longer.

Adequate Sleep

Getting enough sleep with a newborn is difficult, but vital in terms of health and weight loss needs.  During those first few weeks when baby is up at all hours, adopting a 24 hour sleep schedule which mimics the newborn’s is the best way to get those 8 hours of daily zzz’s required for vitality and energy renewal.


Even if the first few weeks at the gym seem to send the scales soaring in the wrong direction, it is beneficial.  As the needle inches upwards, don’t give up, remember that building stronger muscles might add a few pounds.  Extra muscle means more calories being burned all day long.  When the weight does start to come off it will go quickly.

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