Maternity Fashion Tips for Every Budget

13-maternity-fashion-tipsThe economy might be looking pretty shabby, but that doesn’t mean your maternity months need to follow suit. One of the best maternity fashion tips ever is that you don’t have to spend a million dollars to look like a million bucks.

Online Shopping

A great bargain source is the web. You can often find sizes and styles on clearance online when you can no longer get them in the stores.  You also have a broader merchandise base to choose from.  You can visit big stores such as Motherhood Maternity and little specialty boutique websites which house maternity fashion styles for moms who really want a unique look. 

Borrowing It

Just because you are pregnant does not mean you have to buy a whole new wardrobe.  If you are lucky enough to have family near by or a close group of friends you will find great looking clothes for an even more attractive price: free.

Borrowed maternity fashions are great because most of these clothes look new.  The belly grows at such a fast rate that moms often find themselves expanding from standard clothes to full on maternity fashions by the time the baby is born. This means that even the most stylish clothes see very little wear each pregnancy.

Just ask around for a loan and it might surprise you just how many top quality, fashion forward maternity adornments will make their way to your closet in no time. 


Everyone can name the big brand maternity fashion stores in the mall, but did you ever think outside the mall?  Small boutiques and consignment shops are vendors which offer ridiculously priced gently used retail clothes.

Shopping at a consignment boutique in no way impugns the quality or beauty of the clothing, but it speaks volumes about your financial savvy.

Clearance Racks

Clearance racks are of course a no brainer bargain. To get the most value however you need to anticipate your needs. Your belly will get large and the seasons will mandate a change in attire well before your little one is ready to become your ultimate accessory.  Start shopping before you ‘need’ maternity sizes. 

Planning Ahead!

The most important key to creating a bargain basement priced maternity wardrobe that looks like it just came off the runways of fashion week is to plan ahead. 

Pregnancy happens on its own schedule, but some classic pieces transcend even that.  You will want some great looking jeans while pregnant. Once you know you are pregnant, start shopping to find your size and preferred styles. This will enabled you to shop clearance racks with confidence.

In addition to shopping early, you should also do a bit of research.  There are so many styles. Ask your friends and co-workers about the comfort, durability and practicality of the maternity fashions they wear. It will help you build preferences without having to spend the money on a bad pair of jeans.

Finally, remember to pass it forward, share what you acquired with the next mom to be and rest easy knowing that when your time comes again, you can borrow guilt free.

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