Maternity Fashion Tips: Accessories

Perhaps a discussion of diaper bags or breast pads is not the most typical of maternity fashion tips floating around. In fact certain accessories used both during and after pregnancy somehow go unmentioned.  It is only later experience that teaches expectant mothers or new parents the virtues of appropriate preparation.

A well stocked diaper bag should be listed among maternity fashion tips.  No one wants to learn this lesson the hard way as it almost always includes bodily fluids or worse. 

Spare yourself and your clothing potential disaster by reading up on these tips now!

Disposable Breast Pads Now!

You put a lot of time into getting the right look from your maternity clothing when you head out the door, but all of that careful planning can go up in smoke when a mammary mishap signals a need for a quick change.

Many new mothers are taken completely by surprise when their breasts begin leaking before the baby comes!  During the last half of pregnancy the body can begin to ready the milk production factories.  This means that even though the bun is not yet out of the oven the milk sometimes comes through. 

The routine placement of a breast pad in your bra will help keep your shirt and dignity intact.  There is nothing more embarrassing than having a business colleague inform you that you have sprung a leak. 

Diaper Bags

Diaper bags go as far toward completing your maternity look as they do toward preserving it. Even the cutest diaper bag, however, is only as good as the provisions held within it.

To get the best possible use from your diaper bag take a few of these diaper bag tips and you will be prepared for any mishap.

Pack a Spare

Poo happens, and it doesn’t always stay in diapers no matter what brand you use.  The mess in a diaper is like Houdini; it escapes and gets everywhere.  The designation ‘everywhere’ is quite literal.  A diaper bag should always include a spare set of clothes for your baby as well as yourself.

A Second Bag

Once the mess is cleaned up you will need to deal with the problem of disposal or containment of the residue.  It is not always possible to find a trash receptacle, and when you do it is a matter of good manners to bag the mess to spare others from the lingering odor a sodden diaper is certain to omit.

A well stocked diaper bag always contains a few extra plastic bags for disposal purposes.  Plastic bags also come in handy when the diaper fails to contain its contents and things get on baby’s clothes.  You really won’t want to throw away the messy clothes, but it is also unappealing to jumble them pell-mell into the diaper bag itself. Plastic bags can be a real life saver!


Of course diapers and wipes are a given, but what about diaper change essentials?  A changing pad, sanitizing wipes or hand sanitizer, rash cream, breast pads and baby powder: think of all the aspects of the diaper change and get the items you need in place.

Some of the extras are not always needed. When you have access to a nicely maintained public restroom changing pads and hand soap are provided, but you will not always have access to such convenient accommodations.  Seasoned parents will attest to diapers changes on back car seats, in the trunk, in parking lots on grassy park lawns and almost every other place imaginable. 

Having sanitizers and changing pads at the ready will definitely be appreciated then.

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