Third Trimester

  • Food Cravings:  Does the idea of eating everything sight, seem like a great idea?  Now, is your body demanding combinations of dissimilar flavors such vinegar and ice-cream or corn dogs and chocolate sauce?  Well, enjoy it while you can.  It will not always seem like such a great meal choice.
    • Getting through:  Generally, food cravings are the body’s way of asking for one nutrient or another.  This does not mean mom needs to drink the pickle juice.  Making certain to take your prenatal vitamin daily, and pay better attention to balanced meal choices which will mitigate or even banish cravings altogether.  That said, doctors agree that as long as your cravings involve food, you can indulge a bit.
  • Feeling Huge: Well, there isn’t much space left for baby in mom’s belly and mom is feeling the squeeze.  Mom hasn’t really reached full term until she can’t remember what her shoes look like anymore.
    • Getting through: At some point, there is nothing to relieve the discomfort but delivery.  It is often said that moms need to become so uncomfortable during pregnancy to willingly welcome labor.  This heaviness doesn’t last long and usually lasts just a few weeks, in the period nearing the due date.

Just keep thoughts focused upon the baby and the nearness of his or her arrival and the last few days will fly by.  Then all the discomforts will be but a memory.


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