How to Wake Up Early


How to wake up early isn't a question that comes to mind if a person is properly motivated. Countless shoppers are all over the after Thanksgiving sales that start at the wee hours of the morning, for example. Or when a flight to Aruba leaves at 5 am, getting up is no trouble at all. What throws most people a curve ball is the average-ordinary-everyday getting up at 6:30 am for work.

For a lot of people, 6:30 in the morning is not a particularly torturous hour to be out of bed for the day. On the other hand, just as many people have struggled with this for years. They try every trick in the book. Some set their alarm ten minutes earlier than really needed to be out of bed, just so they could hit snooze. That strategy gets abandoned when they begin setting their alarm nearly 45 minutes before up hour and getting 75 minutes of snooze time...making them later than ever.

Another trick is the one of setting the alarm clock faster than the rest of the clocks in the house. No good. Even bleary eyed at six a.m. most people figure out that they have another 10 minutes before their clock matches the one in the kitchen.

Still wondering what the answer to how to wake up early is? The fact is, there is no trick which will make your departure from the warm blankets each morning any easier. You need to get tough with yourself.

First of all, you'll need to give up on the tricks and get real. You need to create a sleep pattern for yourself.

Getting 7-8 hours of sleep each night isn't enough. A lot of people get at least seven hours of sleep most nights, but still can't get out of bed. The reason is that you need a pattern of seven hours of sleep that is consistent from day to day. During the Monday thru Friday work week if you find yourself going to bed around 10 and getting up around 6-ish, but then on the weekends burning the midnight oil and sleeping've discovered your problem.

This fluctuation in sleep times sends mixed signals to the body. It doesn't know when to power down and relax because of the mixed up bed times. As a result, even though you have an earlier bed time, your body's deep restorative rest isn't kicking in until later. Getting up at 6 cheats your body of needed rest.

To fix this and give your body the deep refreshing sleep it needs, you'll have to set a strict bed time routine that you follow each and every day of the week. Give it about a month or so. Get up and go to bed at the same time every day. You may want to do one extra thing to help...move your alarm clock and that snooze out of reach while you're in re-training

The result will be a new reformed you that knows the answer to the burning question of how to wake up early. You'll get out of bed on time each and every day, even without an alarm clock. Like any habit worth forming it takes time, commitment and the ability to see the wonderful rewards waiting for you at the end. The reward? A well rested, energetic body that operates at the peak of performance because it's restored and refreshed from a great night's sleep.


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