Soup Recipes

Family Soup Recipes

Sometimes you just need soup. Our soup recipes will give you the healthy fix you need for hot comfort food to warm your heart. Soup fills the house with a comforting smell and warms your stomach with the first bite.

A good homemade soup is the perfect first course for a relaxing family dinner. Soup as a starter also helps with weight control because it fills you up faster, satisfying your hunger before you can chow down on heavier, calorie-laden dishes or desserts.

Many soup recipes are filled with vitamins and nutrients because of the abundance of protein and vegetables in them, and homemade soups can easily have the fat skimmed from them before serving or storing. Homemade's what you need when you crave something more than a can.

Speaking of cans...don't get rid of your favorite recipes that call for canned cream soups! Make your own homemade condensed cream of chicken soup and use it the same way you would in a recipe calling for the canned version. It's much healthier, freezes very well, and tastes even better than the prepared soup.


Homemade Soup Recipes




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