Four Leaf Clover T-Shirts

Four Leaf Clover Shirts

Supplies Needed:

Plain White T-Shirts
Cut-out silhouette of a 4-leaf clover
Scotch tape
1 or 2 bell peppers with 4 bumps
T-Shirt paint in different hues of green (or mix your own hues as I did with yellow, green, and black)
Paper plates


1. Tape clover silhouette to t-shirt. (Right-click to save then print to desired size.)

Four Leaf Clover T-Shirts

2. Cut off bottom of green peppers to make stamp.

3. Pour paint onto paper plates and mix if necessary.

4. Using green pepper as a stamp, dip in paint and stamp randomly onto t-shirts.

5. Allow to dry according to paint package directions.


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