Stretch Marks

There are more than a few myths regarding stretch marks. They can happen to both women and men at any age. Stretch marks can appear anyplace on the body. There are many reasons stretch marks can appear, from physical changes to changes in diet or eating habits to environmental reasons. And for as many causes there are for stretch mark, there are as many treatments to reduce them.

Stretch marks happen when the skin loses its collagen and elasticity. When skin’s elasticity disappears, the skin is unable to return to its normal condition. When skin is stretched to that point, collagen becomes damaged also, which causes the change in the look of the stretch mark skin. There are a lot of things a person can do to avoid the growth of stretch marks on their body. Some ways involve a healthy lifestyle, other ways are by seeing a medical professional on a regular basis.

For most people, stretch marks are inevitable. With correct care and defensive measures taken, you can diminish the number and harshness of them. Feel secure again by adhering to these methods to decrease your stretch marks today!

Lifestyle Changes

There are many steps you can take in your daily life to avoid the possibility of getting stretch marks.

Keep Hydrated

Drinking plenty of water and fluids maintains not only your body health, but your skin health too. Water keeps your skin firm and the collagen healthy and strong. When collagen is strong it makes the skin elastic, which means that stretch marks won’t form. Water also flushes the toxins out of your body which also pushes toxins out of your skin.

Keep Skin Healthy

Clean your face at least once a day. This is particularly important before you go to sleep if you wear makeup. Removing makeup opens up pores and allows your skin to breathe. Skin needs air to keep growing and creating new cells. The new cells keep your skin soft, smooth and free of stretch marks.

Cocoa Butter can help because it refills dry skin with moisture. Follow the product directions or smooth on your tummy once a day, covering it completely. This is particularly important when you are at the second and third trimesters of your pregnancy. You will be able to use cocoa butter on any dry, flaky skin with wonderful results for replenishing it with moisture.

Quit Smoking

Smoking daily is destructive for many reasons. The smoke and products you exhale with the smoke hurts the elastin of the skin. Day after day continued exposure only hurts the elastin more. Stretch marks and wrinkles can appear on the face, the neck, legs, arms, and entire body of a smoker.


Another new trend in combating stretch marks is through hypnosis. Trained doctors in the weight loss field believe that hypnosis can also manage your body’s reaction to something. For instance, they have a session in which they tell you your body is in good physical shape, your skin is glowing, and you look wonderful, and do not have stretch marks. If your mind thinks that, then your body will follow in the same manner. They trust the mind can alter or have an effect on the way you look. They influence your mind for your benefit.

Use Sunscreen

Sunscreen is a defensive measure in the war against stretch marks. Whenever you go out into the sun, cover your skin well with a high SPF sunscreen. The sun dries out not only the top layers of skin, but the underside layers as well. When the lower layers of sky dehydrate, the collagen also dries up. When collagen dries up, the skin is easier to damage. Stretch marks can happen with little aggravation.

Take Vitamins

No matter how hard we attempt to eat a stable diet, it is in no way quite good enough. To make up for this, make it a habit to take a vitamin every day. The vitamins will assist your skin from the inside out and keep the elastin and collagen healthy and stretch mark free.


One way to avoid stretch marks is to exercise. Exercising keeps your muscles firm, and in the course of keeping your muscles firm can help your skin to stay firm also.



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