Cooking Class

Cooking together really gets at the heart of Thanksgiving. Children love to help in the kitchen. It may take a bit longer, and clean up may be a bit more than it would be if you cooked alone, but there are compensations. Chief among them: picky eaters become less so as they help prepare their own food. A cooking activity works best with simple, easily constructed recipes are used. For Thanksgiving Corn bread is not only simple but delicious. Here is a fun recipe you can try together:

Corn Bread

Grease and flour 8x8 pan, preheat oven to 425

Combine in bowl:

1 cup corn meal
1c sifted flour
3 tsp baking powder
1 tsp salt
¼ cup sugar

In another bowl combine and add to dry ingredients:

1 beaten egg
¼ cup oil
1 cup milk

Pour into greased pan and bake for 20-25 minutes.

Visit a Farm

There is never a better time to take a drive in the country than at Thanksgiving. The richness of fall colors and smells will yield a feast for the senses. Many farms open their fields to the public this time of year. Activities that you can look forward to include perusing a wide variety of farm fresh produce. This will include several Thanksgiving favorites like corn and pumpkins. But the variety is likely to amaze. Some farms offer apple picking, and demonstrations on apple pressing. It is fun to see how the apple becomes juice. Don’t get so caught up in the produce that you fail to see the animals. There are many to get acquainted with like bulls and large horses. Some of the less intimidating residents may even be available to hold and pet. Kids love goats, rabbits, piggys and even the more common cat and dog.

Seeing the genesis of the harvest and its bounty is a great activity to commemorate Thanksgiving.

Other fun Thanksgiving activities to do as a family are: a drive to collect the turning leaves, creating a center piece for the table, watching a movie or inventing a new Thanksgiving sport. Spending time together, no matter how simple the activity, helps create Thansgiving memories for everyone.





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