Ear Pain

No one enjoys suffering from ear pain. It is one of those pains that can be irritating and problematic. Ear pain is frustrating too. It is hard to know whether or not the pain is a result of something else or simply ear pain. Therefore, ear pain is often left alone. At times this is fine. However, there are other situations when ear pain should be treated. For many people, it is hard to distinguish between the two. In order to aid individuals that are suffering with ear pain, her is some helpful information.

Where It Starts And What It Feels Like

Ear pain can start around the outside of the ear or deep within it. It's generally a dull, achy type of pain, but in some cases it can be much more immediate and consist of a stabbing or shooting kind of pain. Either way it can be mild or severe and cause a lot of discomfort and stress. That's true no matter the age or gender of the person who's experiencing the pain. Ear pain can also spread and cause a headache or pain in the jaw.

List Of Common Causes And Conditions of Ear Pain

There can be several reasons that a person would develop ear pain. Here are some of the most common ones that many people experience throughout the course of their lifetime.

• Ear infection – especially in children, ear infections can be quite common. They often show up along with a common cold, but they can appear all on their own, as well. If the children are very young they often cry a lot because of the pain of an ear infection.
• Swimmer's Ear – when people get water into their ears that doesn't come back out quickly, bacteria can grow and start an infection called swimmer's ear. It can become very painful and need to be treated by a doctor in order to clear it up.
• Wax buildup – a heavy build-up of wax can cause pain in the ear, because it presses against delicate internal ear parts. Not everyone experiences pain if they have a lot of ear wax, but it can cause discomfort in some people.
• Air pressure – this often occurs when traveling by plane. It can also occur if an individual is scuba diving.
• Headphones – wearing headphones can lead to infections or germs in the ears that cause infections.
• Block Eustachian Tubes – occurs in both adults and children. This condition is worse at night. When it occurs, it makes the pressure from the ears difficult to function normally.
• Meniere’s disease – this can lead to periodic or permanent hearing loss. Be aware of this condition. Individuals that are prone to vertigo or dizziness are more at risk.
• Hearing Loss – this can cause ear pain.
• Chronic ear pain – non-stop pain in the ears. It is important to check with the doctor if this problem is suspected.

List Of Common Treatment Options of Ear Pain

When it comes to treating ear pain, the cause of it will affect the treatment. Before seeing a doctor, there are some things a person can do at home for swimmer's ear and wax buildup issues.

• Hydrogen peroxide has been used by people to remove earwax before. By pouring it into the affected ear and lying on the opposite side, the peroxide remains in the ear, where it bubbles and breaks up the wax. Eventually, it will soften the wax enough that it can be flushed out and removed. It can relieve pain and help someone hear better, as well. There are now over-the-counter earwax removal kits that can also be bought for this purpose.
• Alcohol (the rubbing kind, not the drinking kind) has also been used. If someone has water in his ear that won't come out and it's starting to get painful, rubbing alcohol can be placed in the ear because it's very good at drying up the water. It may not work, but it's worth a try and won't cause any harm.
• Seeing a doctor is something that should be considered if the common remedies don't work well or the ear pain persists. That's important to know, because some ear problems – like infections – don't generally clear up without antibiotics. These are usually in the form of drops that are put into the ear with a small dropper on a set schedule for a certain number of days. Using them can relieve pain and clear up the infection.
• Pain relievers are common. If an individual has not seen the doctor, there are many over the counter options that could be effective in treating ear pain.
• Applying heat to the ear will definitely help relieve the symptoms associated with ear pain. Although this may be a quick fix, it works well if the ear pain becomes severe and extremely painful.
• Rest will help reduce ear pain.
• Eardrops are popular. A doctor can prescribe these and there are also over the counter options that can help many people that are suffering with ear pain.
• If ear pain is severe and immediate, it's possible that the eardrum has ruptured or otherwise been damaged, especially if the pain is accompanied by hearing loss. If that's the case, a doctor should be consulted right away to assess the damage and speed healing.

Holistic Approach

Many people feel that too much antibiotics is bad for their bodies. Therefore, they try to avoid antibiotic options in favor of natural remedies that effectively treat their symptoms. They believe this type of healing is more effective for their bodies and their ear pain in the long run. Here are some suggestions.

• Herbal teas are very healing for the body. In addition, herbal nasal sprays will decrease allergies, sinuses, soar throats, and ear infections.
• Drinking a mixture of carrots, apples, beets and spinach is ideal for superior nutrition. It will provide the body with the nutrients it needs to remain having. It is one of the best ways to add a lot of antioxidants to the body quickly.
• Vitamins are extremely beneficial – vitamin b6, vitamin b12, and vitamin c are all great to decrease ear pain.
• Lactobacillus acidophilus will restore floral balance in the colon.
• Drinking more water is also helpful, as is eating less unprocessed foods.
• Exercise, though not directly connected with the ear pain will promote a healthy body and decrease overall pain and health problems in the body.
• Liquid fulvic minerals and zinc will boost the immune system and allow it to fight off earaches and infection.

When To See A Doctor for Ear Pain

As mentioned above, it is vital that individuals see the doctor if their ear pain is severe. This could be an indication that they are suffering from a ruptured ear drum. That is a serious medical problem that needs attention immediately. However, not all problems are serious. Some could be the result of viruses, while others could be an infection. Individuals that are suffering from infection should see the doctor. However, a doctor is needed to diagnose the infection. Therefore, here are some signs to help people identify whether or not their ear pain is the result of an infection.

• Ear pain that causes irritability could be the sign of an infection.
• If ear pain is accompanied by a fever, the individual most likely has an infection. Therefore, it would be wise to see the doctor.
• Vertigo is a problem that occurs where individuals experience a sense of spinning. If this happens ear pain could be a side effect and the doctor should be consulted.
• If drainage of the ear occurs (yellow, brown, or white fluid) this is not earwax. It could be an indication that the eardrum has ruptured.
• Talk to the doctor for hearing problems. It could be a result of a fluid build up in the middle of the ear. Because of the build up, individuals cannot process sound.

Managing Ear Pain

Proper pain management is always important when it comes to pain. Ear pain is a common problem among many people. It could relate to a cold, a virus, or an infection. Most of the time it is an issue where the individual needs rest. Chances are they are slightly run down and their immune system is suffering. However, in other cases the situation could be different. Regardless, it is important to manage the pain so that it does not become unbearable.

Do what the doctor suggests. Take the recommended medications. And, rest if it is needed. Also, it may be important to add healthy items to the diet to ensure that proper vitamins and nutrients are being received. Many times a lack of nutrition could be the result of the problem. Therefore, evaluated the foods that are a part of the daily diet and see if changes need to be made. If so, these changes are easy.

Lastly, while the ear pain is present, try not to focus on it. Focusing on pain only makes it more apparent that it is present. Instead, get involved in other activities. This will allow the pain to disappear – at least for a moment. And it will making coping a lot easier.

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