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Pain Treatment

Pain is our body’s way of getting our attention quickly, alerting us to a problem. When something hurts, everything else going on in life seems to take a back seat to making the pain go away. Pain management becomes all consuming depending on the level of pain you're experiencing. The chart below will get you to the information you need to get a diagnosis and treatment for your type of pain.

Pain comes in many forms. It can be dull pain or sharp stabbing pain. It can be a pain that comes and goes, or with you at all times due to a chronic condition or injury. Pain can be a nomadic traveler, moving to different parts of the body (as in Rheumatoid Arthritis) or it can set up roots at the site of a diseased or injured body part.

While pain can be debilitating, it can also be useful in helping your physician treat the cause of the pain and help you with successful pain management. The more specific you are when describing the location, the frequency and type of pain to your doctor; the better chance you have of sending it packing.

Unfortunately, chronic pain in situations like fibromyalgia and arthritis are much more difficult to treat. Pain can rob you of what was formerly an active, normal life. It can trigger depression and hopelessness. Weeks, months and years of pain can take a serious toll on even the most cheerful person’s quality of life. Sometimes chronic pain comes from serious conditions like cancer or arthritis. Sometimes finding the cause is a frustrating mystery.

Fortunately, you do not have to suffer alone and you do not have to suffer in silence. Millions of Americans deal with pain in some form on a daily basis. Treatment and pain management is available, it varies depending on the location, type and cause of your pain. With many options available, do your research and talk to your doctor. Be your own best advocate. Now is not the time to hold back or be self conscious about what’s going on with your body.

If it hurts…get it treated. You may be able to take care of it with home treatment, but definitely seek a doctor’s care when you feel it’s out of your league (and it is for many, many people). Professional pain management can make a world of difference in getting your life and mobility back.

Tell your doctor everything, including how the pain is affecting your lifestyle, your moods, and your relationships. You get one body in this life. Give it the care it deserves for a long, healthy life. Give yourself the care you deserve for a happy life.


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