Brynna is a beautiful Celtic name for your darling daughter. It is a nice name with a wide variety of origins and meanings.

Meaning of the name Brynna

A drop of water, black-haired, noble, defender, or hill.

Origin of the name Brynna

A variant of Gaelic, Irish, Celtic, Slavic, and Welsh

Symbolism of the name Brynna

Brynna is an emotional person and sticks to her opinions. She is sometimes moody, hospitable, sentimental, and sometimes psychic. Brynna is ruled by love and feels a need to be appreciated and encouraged. She is also methodical.

Style of the name Brynna


Gender of the name Brynna

Brynna is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Brynna


Number of syllables in the name Brynna


Emotion evoked from the name Brynna

Brynna has a passion for justice and inherent courage and endurance. She is sensitive and can be a little shy. This gives her a developed intuition and the ability to nurture others. Brynna enjoys creativity and can get bored easily, so she likes to have multiple projects going on at one time.

Alternative spellings for the name Brynna

  • Brinna
  • Brinnah

Nicknames for the name Brynna

  • Brin
  • Rina
  • Bri
  • Na-na

Popularity of the name Brynna

Brynna came on to the popularity charts around 1994. It stayed steady until about 1998 when it started to gain in popularity. It kept getting higher and higher and peaked around 2006. It stayed popular until 2009, then it slowly began to decline. It went down about half in 2013 and then has stayed steady since then.

Related names for the name Brynna

  • Brenna

Great middle names for Brynna and their meanings

  • Marinette (of the sea)
  • Adelia (noble kind or type)
  • Myrtle (evergreen shrub)
  • Madie (tower)
  • Tyanna (disciple or devotee of Jesus Christ)
  • Chie (wisdom and blessing)
  • Reinette (queen)
  • Dulcia (sweetness)

Famous people with the name Brynna

Brynnas in popular culture

  • Character in Dark Hunter
  • Character in World of Warcraft