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Laya is a unique international baby name for girls. Simple in composition, this name has linguistic elements that relate to cultures across the globe. Laya Bilaya was the titular protagonist of the Laya Bilaya series, and Laya Han is the name of a popular witch in the Red Pooh series. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Laya:

  • Hebrew: Weary
  • Akkadian: Calf
  • Spanish, Catalan, Greek: Sweetly speaking
  • Sanskrit: Tempo, rhythm
  • Chinese-Indonesian: Reliable, trustworthy, dependable
  • Tagalog: Freedom

Origin of the name Laya:

Laya is an international name with several possible origins. In English, Laya is a variation of Leah or Leia. The name Leah derives from the Hebrew word לְאָה (meaning “weary”) or the Akkadian element littu (meaning “calf”). Leia is the Greek as well as Portuguese version of this name. The name Laya is also the Spanish and Catalan version of Laia. This name is a diminutive of Eulalia. The name derived from the Greek word εὔλαλος and means “sweetly speaking.”

Laya also has several other meanings in South Asia. Within Hindi culture, Laya is a musical name that derives from the Sanskrit word लया (meaning “tempo” or “rhythm”). In Indonesia, Laya is a Chinese-Indonesian name that derives from the word 賴 (Lai) and means “reliable,” “trustworthy,” or “dependable.” And in Tagalog, Laya is a short form of Kalayaan (meaning “freedom”).

Symbolism of the name Laya:

Laya is a baby name with multiple origins. One of the most spirited origins is the Tagalog word for “freedom.” The Tagalog symbol of freedom is the sun with eight rays spanning the globe.

Style of the name Laya:


Gender of the name Laya:

Laya is a girl's name.

Pronunciation of the name Laya:


Number of syllables in the name Laya:


Emotion evoked from the name Laya:

The name Laya evokes feelings of tolerance and truth.

Alternative spellings for the name Laya:

  • Layah
  • Laia
  • Leia 
  • Laiah
  • Laiya
  • Laiyah 
  • Leiah
  • Leiya
  • Leiyah
  • Leya

Nicknames for the name Laya:

  • La
  • Lay
  • Yaya

Popularity of the name Laya:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Laya was the 1,905th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Laya:

Great middle names for Laya and their meanings:

  • Arden (green forest)
  • Bahar (springtime)
  • Corrine (maiden)
  • Edelmira (noble, famous)
  • Esther (star, myrtle, hidden, concealed)
  • Fatimah (chaste, captivating, she who abstains)
  • Krystal (ice, brilliant glass, precious gemstone)
  • Mercedes (mercies, wages, reward)
  • Nazanin (sweetheart)
  • Samira (companion, wind, air)
  • Teresa (late summer, harvest time)
  • Yasmine (jasmine flower)
  • Ziba (beautiful)

Famous people with the name Laya:

  • Laya DeLeon Hayes (actress)
  • Laya Francis (cricketer)
  • Laya Joneydi (politician)
  • Laya Lewis (actress)
  • Laya Raki (dancer)
  • Laya Simpson (actress)
  • Laya Steinberg (writer)
  • Laya Zanganeh (actress)

Laya in popular culture:

  • Laya (town in Gasa District, Bhutan)
  • Laya Bilaya (protagonist of the Laya Bilaya series by Gopinath Mohanty)
  • Laya Han (witch in the Red Pooh series)
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