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Maddix is a unique baby name suitable for boys as well as girls. Displaying proud Welsh heritage, this name has gothic undertones that make it perfect for the modern age. Maddix is the name of a character in the World of Warcraft series, and Maddix Park is a popular hub for athletes from around the world. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Maddix:

Welsh: Son of Madoc, lucky, fortunate, goodly

Origin of the name Maddix:

Maddix originates as an alternative spelling of Maddox. This surname was a Welsh term that meant “son of Madoc.” The name Madoc derives from an Old Welsh word that means “lucky” or “fortunate.” Alternatively, Maddix is a dialectal spelling of the surname Matoc (meaning “goodly”).

Symbolism of the name Maddix:

Maddix is a modern variation of Maddox (meaning “son of Madoc,” “lucky,” or “fortunate”). Less commonly, Maddix also refers to the dialectal transcription of Matoc (meaning “goodly”). The symbol of the Maddix family crest is the griffin.

Style of the name Maddix:

Modern, Gothic

Gender of the name Maddix:

Maddix is a unisex baby name given to both boys and girls.

Pronunciation of the name Maddix:


Number of syllables in the name Maddix:


Emotion evoked from the name Maddix:

The name Maddix evokes feelings of mightiness and marvel.

Alternative spellings for the name Maddix:

Nicknames for the name Maddix:

Popularity of the name Maddix:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Maddix was the 1,682nd most popular baby name for boys in 2020. Maddix was the 5,129th most popular baby name for girls in 2020.

Related names for the name Maddix:

Great middle names for Maddix and their meanings:

  • Adamaris (noble of the sea)
  • Adrian (person from Hadria)
  • Bryce (speckled, spotted, son of the nobleman)
  • Cruz (cross, crucifix)
  • Eider (handsome, beautiful)
  • Hunter (one who hunts)
  • Luca (bringer of light)
  • Orion (rising star, boundary, limit)
  • Sergio (servant, attendant, steward)
  • Xenia (hospitable, welcoming to guests)
  • Zayn (beauty, grace)

Famous people with the name Maddix:

  • Maddix Anderson (wrestler)
  • Maddix Bogunia (football player)
  • Maddix Crutchfield (basketball player)
  • Maddix McCagherty (hockey player)
  • Maddix Robinson (actor)
  • Maddix Vickers (community organizer)

Maddix in popular culture:

  • Maddix (character in the World of Warcraft: Shadowlands series)
  • Maddix Park (bike trail in Tauranga, New Zealand)
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