Willem is a distinguished baby name for boys. Reminiscent of Dutch royalty, this name has an uncanny simplicity that makes it a coveted choice in popular culture. Willem Kmetsch is a main character in the anime WorldEnd, and Willem De Ruiter was a character in the Just One Day series by Gayle Forman. Keep reading to learn more about this name.

Meaning of the name Willem:

Dutch, Germanic: Resolute protector, strong-willed warrior

Origin of the name Willem:

Willem is the Dutch variation of the name William. The name William derives from the Old German name Wilhelm and means “resolute protector” or “strong-willed warrior).

Symbolism of the name Willem:

Willem is the Dutch spelling of the name William. One of the most famous bearers of the name was Prince Willem the Silent. As the ruler of Orange, Prince Willem led a revolt against the Spanish Habsburgs that initiated the Eighty Years' War and resulted in the formal independence of the United Provinces of the Netherlands (later called the Dutch Republic). The symbol of Willem was the golden lion. In addition, the Dutch national anthem (known as “Wilhelmus van Nassouwe”) was originally an ode to Prince Willem.

baby name Willem

Style of the name Willem:


Gender of the name Willem:

Willem is a boy's baby name.

Pronunciation of the name Willem:


Number of syllables in the name Willem:


Emotion evoked from the name Willem:

The name Willem evokes feelings of dignity and determination.

Alternative spellings for the name Willem:

  • William 
  • Wilhelm
  • Wilhem
  • Willum
  • Wilhelmus

Nicknames for the name Willem:

  • Will 
  • Willy
  • Willie
  • Lem
  • Lemmie
  • Wim
  • Pim
  • Jelle
  • Bill
  • Billy 

Popularity of the name Willem:

According to the Social Security Administration index, Willem was the 2,245th most popular baby name for boys in 2020.

Related names for the name Willem:

Great middle names for Willem and their meanings:

  • Anarr (ancestral army, world ruler, second song)
  • Bram (father of multitudes)
  • Chetan (spirit, vigor, intelligence)
  • Clement (merciful)
  • Eliezer (God is my help)
  • Ennis (island, first choice)
  • Gustav (God's staff)
  • Ingmar (famous son)
  • Leonidas (lion)
  • Reginald (king)
  • Roger (famous spear)
  • Sven (young man, youthful warrior)
  • Zachery (God has remembered)

Famous people with the name Willem:

  • Willem “Wim” Aantjes (politician)
  • Willem Hendrik Buiter (economist)
  • Willem Baptist (film producer)
  • Willem Claesz Heda (artist)
  • Willem Frederik Hermans (writer)
  • Willem Johan “Pim” Kolff (physician)
  • Willem de Kooning (artist)
  • Willem Jacob Luyten (astronomer)
  • Willem Leonard Oltmans (investigate journalist)
  • Willem de Wolf (actor)

Willem in popular culture:

  • Willem Kmetsch (character in the anime WorldEnd)
  • Willem De Ruiter (character in the Just One Day series by Gayle Forman)