If you’ve just adopted a furry, lovable creature, finding a name for him or her can be a challenge. You may want a name that is funny and clever or something more in line with what you would name a child. Whatever path you take, it can be difficult to come up with something that’s perfect.

Finding the right name can depend on several factors. Of course, the gender of your dog will be a big deciding factor. But other things may come into play such as the size of your dog, it’s color, its personality and more.

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Remember, the name you give your dog is important! Not only will this be what identifies your dog for its entire life, it can also dictate their personality as they get older. For instance, did you know that research shows that dogs named Rocky are more likely to bite than dogs with other names? No pressure though!

In any case, if you have a new dog, think of your preferences and look at your dog’s personality, coloring and size to determine the perfect name. Good luck finding something you and your pet will be happy with for years to come!