Four Leaf Clover Shirts

Four Leaf Clover T-Shirts

Four Leaf Clover T-Shirts Supplies Needed: Plain White T-ShirtsCut-out silhouette of a 4-leaf cloverScotch tape1 or 2 bell peppers with 4 bumpsT-Shirt paint in different hues of green (or mix your own hues as I did with yellow, green, and black)Paper plates Directions: 1. Tape clover silhouette to t-shirt. (Right-click to save then print to […]

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Irish Potato Candy Recipe


Irish Potato Candy Recipe If you’ve never eaten Irish Potato Candy, what are you waiting for? Though a candy made from potato may not sound like the most delectable treat, you may be surprised to find out that these are neither authentically Irish nor are they made from potato. Rather, these potato looking treats originated […]

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