Custard vs. Pudding: What Is the Difference?

Both custard and pudding are sweet, rich, and creamy. Both desserts have cream and eggs in them and require gentle cooking. So, what exactly is the difference?



What is Custard?

Custard is a dessert made out of cream and eggs. The cream-to-egg ratio will vary. When making custard, the eggs are a thickener. After gently cooking, the custard thickens and forms a firm filling or dessert. Custard is excellent alone or as a base for a dessert like cheesecake. Many people enjoy frozen custard, which is a form of ice cream. 

What is Pudding?

Pudding is a dessert with a creamy texture. It uses cream or milk, eggs, and a thickener. Pudding also requires some sort of flavoring, like chocolate or vanilla. Like custard, pudding is cooked slowly on the stove and stored in the refrigerator. Both custard and pudding are best when eaten on the same day. 

Can You Substitute Custard for Pudding or Pudding for Custard?

With the close similarities between custard and pudding, can you substitute custard for pudding or vice versa? The quick answer is yes, you can. Both of these desserts use similar ingredients. If you run out of the pudding or custard mix, use the other as a quick substitute. Also, it is possible to use a thickening agent in custard to make it more stable.

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