December 25 Zodiac: What Your Child’s Christmas Birthday Means

Children born on December 25 have the distinction of claiming Christmas Day as their birthday. Although there is no doubt that Christmas is an important holiday, what does this mean for your child's Zodiac sign? Read on to learn more about what this birth date means for your child.



What is my Child's Zodiac Sign?

For a Capricorn born on December 25, Capricorn is a decan with Saturn as a secondary ruler. Capricorns born during this decan, which encompasses December 22 to 31, are most likely to have the dominant Capricorn personality.

December 25 Baby Personality Traits

Capricorns born on December 25 have a natural curiosity about life. Issues such as holistic healing and New Age spirituality are of particular interest. One thing important to know about Capricorns with December 25 birthdays is their strong motivation to help others.

Famous People Whose Birthdays Are on December 25

– Annie Lennox – Barbara Mandrell – Jimmy Buffett – Joe Louis Walker – Lukas Nelson – Mac Powell – Steve Wariner – Jess and Lisa Origliasso – Ryan Shaw

Will My Baby Born on December 25 Be Successful?

If your baby, born on December 25, is to succeed, your child must have the right motivation. One trait that comes with being born on this date is having a strong desire to succeed.

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