Discover the Best Things For Kids To Do In Columbus, Ohio

Take advantage of the many opportunities in Columbus, Ohio, and make it a vacation, or a staycation, well worth remembering.



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At the Franklin Park Conservatory and Botanical Gardens, your whole family will find something beautiful. This is a beautiful outdoor parkland in Columbus, Ohio. It is home to numerous species of plants, insects, and art installations that are well worth a visit. 

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Franklin Park Conservatory

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Speaking of beautiful parkland, one of the many open areas in Columbus, Ohio is the trail that runs along the Scioto River. The Scioto Mile is a collection of 175 acres filled with parks, bike paths, pedestrian walkways, and more.

Bike Or Walk The Scioto Mile!

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A visit to the Columbus Zoo is always worth it! At the Columbus Zoo, you'll learn about their animal conservation efforts. Take the time to meet some of the majestic animals who call this center their home, and check out some great activities and rides while you're at it!

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The Columbus Zoo

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For a true taste of Ohio, check out the Ohio History Connection. This museum is working to preserve the rich history of Ohio while making space for the future of what the great state will be.

Ohio History Connection

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