Discover the Largest School Districts In Nebraska



Today, we’ll talk about these massive school districts. We’ll tell you how many schools are in each, share some interesting facts, and tell you about their value for your kids.

Omaha Public Schools

The list of the largest school districts in Nebraska is topped by Omaha Public Schools, which consists of a whopping 111 schools. Located in Omaha, the district has close to 52,000 students in grades pre-kindergarten to high school.

Lincoln Public Schools

This is a district with about 42,000 students that range from youngsters in pre-kindergarten up until and including high schoolers.

Millard Public Schools

At this time, there are about 23,770 students that are in all grades from PK-12. This is another district that’s located in Omaha.

Papillion-La Vista School District

Next, with 22 schools, there’s the Papillion-La Vista School District, which is for students living in Papillion, NE. There are just over 12,000 students across all of these schools, and they’re spread across all grades from pre-kindergarten to 12th grade.

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