Prosciutto vs. Bacon

You may see prosciutto and mistake it for bacon, and you may even think it tastes somewhat similar. However, though they do have some slight similarities, the battle of prosciutto and bacon actually provides many differences, including how they are prepared, their flavor, how they’re served, and more.



Appearance and Taste

Bacon is smoked using many different types of wood, and they give each cut a different flavor, like the example of applewood bacon. In contrast, prosciutto is prepared using a more strict method, so there aren’t as many variants. In most cases, prosciutto has a sweet and salty taste with a buttery texture.

Salt and Health Differences

If you’re looking for the healthiest possible health option, then neither prosciutto nor bacon is the best option because they both contain a lot of salt. Bacon contains the most salt. One slice contains about 1,700 milligrams of sodium, which makes up about 70% of your daily allowance.

Prosciutto vs. Bacon: Similarities

Although they have a fair share of differences, there are some similarities in the discussion of prosciutto vs. bacon. Among them is that both are cuts of pork that are taken from pigs. They both also undergo a dry-curing preparation process that uses salt as a preservative to give each meat its taste.

Best Substitutes for Bacon

- Beef Bacon - Pancetta - Turkey Bacon - Duck Bacon - Salmon Rashers - Salt Pork - Guanciale

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