What Goes with Lamb Chops: Lamb Side Dishes

Well-prepared lamb chops are meltingly tender, but they have a strong flavor that some people describe as “gamey.” Because of this, side dishes can stand to be a bit low-key, though people do go for sides that bring spiciness and heat. Here are some sides to consider with your lamb chops.



Angel Salad

The lovely pale green of this salad puts you in mind of mint, which traditionally goes with lamb. The green actually comes from lime Jell-O, which is mixed with cream cheese, crushed pineapple, diced pimentos, diced celery and chopped pecans. A cup of heavy cream makes the dish especially luxurious.

Caramel Apple Salad

This sweet, creamy, crunchy salad is a Thanksgiving favorite, but it can be served year-round. It’s also easy to whip up, with its frozen whipped topping, instant butterscotch pudding, crushed pineapples, diced apples, chopped peanuts for topping, and tiny marshmallows.

Hot German Potato Salad

This is one of the easier potato salads. It takes five medium-sized potatoes and a large onion, some flour, and water. Seasonings include sugar, salt, celery seed, black pepper, and bacon crumbles. It’s perfect to pair up with lamb chops.

Crock Pot Vegetarian Pot Pie

Like most crock pot dishes, this one just takes prepping the ingredients, tossing them into the crock pot and cooking it for about three hours while you do something else. The vegetables, potatoes, celery, peas, onion and carrots and their delectable pie crust are just right to enjoy with lamb chops.

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