Shingles Symptoms

Shingles is a disease that affects people who have had chicken pox at some time in the past. It's a more painful but less itchy disease the second time around. If you can discover shingles symptoms early on, then you can make your bout with shingles less painful and less severe as well as of shorter duration.

The first of the shingles symptoms you suffer from will probably be the pain. It can be very intense to the touch. Because of where the pain occurs, it is easy to confuse the pain for another medical condition. The pain can also be a burning or tingling sensation that is confined to a localized area of your body.

A few days after the pain starts, you may develop a red rash on one side of your body. It's this rash that is restricted to one part or side of your body that makes diagnosis of shingles much easier. It's one of the characteristic shingles symptoms. It can appear as a rash of pus filled blisters that resemble chicken pox.

Other shingles symptoms include itching, though much less than chicken pox, fever and chills, a headache and an upset stomach. These symptoms are auxiliary symptoms and may not occur as often as the pain and the red rash. In fact, the pain is the only shingles symptom that is found in all the cases. The red rash doesn't even occur in all of the shingles cases.

If you think you might be suffering from shingles symptoms then you should seek medical treatment. You can reduce the severity and duration of shingles with medical treatment. You can treat your shingles and get on with your life.




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